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October 2021

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editor’s note

Dear Readers Here we are, three months away from saying goodbye to another year like no other. The silver lining is that life has finally begun its slow and reassuring crawl to normalcy. What could be more normal than an Apple Event in September - where Apple enthusiasts wait with baited breaths as to what new magic might the tech giant once again unfold? And in their usual style, they never disappoint. Like one of our writers rightly said, “Big things happen when computers get smaller and faster,” and Apple’s innovations are a testament to that. Speaking of going smaller, we thought of taking a deep dive into the world of quBits, i.e., Quantum Bits. Quantum computing is all about cutting edge tech – we are talking faster computations, longer-lasting car batteries,…

6 min
from bits 01 to qubits

Every day personal computers, phones and tablets spin a fascinating array of cybernetical illusions. Click on a tiny icon of a browser, and in pops a window that lets you behold the world at your fingertips. Sitting in Canada, but want to map your holiday through the interweaving streets of Rome? No Problem! ‘Maps’ is always at hand. Switch over to the satellite feed to get the lay of the land and even the closest gelato shop. Oh wait, it’s new times. Let’s hold a team meeting or catch up for a coffee with a friend, virtually, of course. Ever wondered about the wizadry at play? Ultimately everything you see on your screens is being painted - one tiny dot at a time. Dozens of times a second, the screen is swept by…

1 min
quantum timeline

2021 A Japanese tech company achieves quantum communications over optical fibres exceeding 600 km in length, a new world record 2019 Google Sycamore declares quantum supremacy 2016-17 IBM announces a 5 qubit processer for developers and by 2017, upgrades that to a 16 qubit processer 2011 D-Wave announces the first commercially available quantum computer 2001 Researchers at IBM-Stanford University use a 7-qubit computer to factor the number 15 1994 Mathematician Peter Shor writes an algorithm that could tap a quantum computers power to break the widely used form encryption 1985 David Deutch creates a blueprint of a quantum computer 1981 Nobel winner, Phycisist, Richard Feynann coins the term quantum computing 1980 Physicist Paul Benioff theorizes Quantum Computing…

2 min
quantum computing and the rise of machine learning

Quantum computing has developed in recent years as a novel computing model that has the potential to take traditional computers to a whole new level. All technology-related media outlets have been publicizing all minor and potential advancements in this sector. Even though this is an exciting period for the field, the field itself remains a mystery. The mystery behind quantum computing remained in the closet for many years until the day it was discovered. And since that day, everything has changed in the computing world. A lot of things became extremely easy, and the machine learning scenarios took a leap in just a few years. Saying this wouldn’t be wrong that quantum computing will revolutionize machine learning for years to come. Let us begin with what quantum computing really is. What is Quantum…

3 min
the future is all quantum

If one of these industry giants succeed in developing a commercially viable quantum computer, these quantum computers would likely be able to finish computations that would take thousands of years to do using traditional computers. Google now claims to have a quantum computer that is 100 million times faster than any current machine. It will be important if we are to handle the massive amounts of data we create and solve extremely complicated issues. The key to success is converting our real-world problems into quantum language. Our data sets’ complexity and scale are expanding faster than our computer capabilities, putting significant pressure on the fabric of computers. While computers today struggle or are unable to tackle particular issues, the power of quantum computing is predicted to solve these same difficulties in seconds. It…

7 min
the quantum revolution - a new paradigm shift

Quantum physics has already altered our lives. Almost every electronic gadget we use today is an example of quantum physics in action; the laser and transistor were both invented owing to their innovations— both of which are products of quantum theory. As we seek to harness even more of the quantum world’s potential, the world is on the verge of seeing a second quantum revolution. Quantum computing and quantum communication can significantly influence various industries, including medicine, electricity, economics, security, and recreation. Recent estimates indicate that the quantum sector will be worth billions of dollars by 2030. However, substantial practical obstacles must be addressed before achieving this degree of widespread influence. Quantum technologies can improve various processes, from online trading to sophisticated chemical simulations and even nanotechnology engineering. A quantum revolution…