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The Complete Guide to Apex Legends

The Complete Guide to Apex Legends

The Complete Guide to Apex Legends

Arriving out of nowhere to become one of the fastest-growing battle royale games ever, Apex Legends is one of the hottest titles out there right now! That’s why, whether you’re a pro or a first-timer, we’re here to offer you all the tips, tricks and expert advice you’ll need to become an Apex Legends champion and ensure your squad is the last one standing. Our ‘Essentials’ section has everything you need to know to get started, from an in-depth guide to the current crop of characters – or Legends – and their strengths, to essential info on the game’s loot, currencies, Ping system and more! You’ll discover all of the game’s weapons and how to make the best use of them in our ‘Combat’ section, while you can also find out how to take out enemies in style with our guide to Apex Legends’ cool finisher moves. Finally, the ‘Tactics’ section will help you become a better teammate with guides on healing, reviving, sharing resources and finding the best loot. Enjoy!

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tips for mastering apex legends

These Apex Legends tips come from some of the very best. A lot of it will feel familiar if you’ve played Fortnite, Black Ops 4: Blackout or PUBG before, but Apex Legends has plenty of new tricks to learn. From learning the different types of ammo and the various tiers of loot, to moving around the map and utilising the new Ping system, our tips will push you one step closer to becoming an Apex Legends Champion. 1 THE MAX PLAYER HEALTH IS 200HP WITH MAX LEVEL ARMOUR Each Apex Legends character has a base health of 100HP. The armour you can collect can add between two to four segments, each with a value of 25HP. That means the max health you could be going up against is 200HP. 2 THE COLOUR OF…

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who are the best characters to play as?

The best Apex Legends characters are… well, all of them actually. Every Legend has their strengths and they’re all suited to different play styles. It’s the first battle royale we’ve seen with the hero system. There were eight unique Legends to choose from on launch and we’ve had one new addition so far. Apex Legends functions the same as most other battle royale titles – pick a landing spot, loot up, fight to be the last player standing. The key difference is that there’s no solo or duo play. You can only play in threes, with only one of each Legend allowed per team. Overwatch players will understand the importance of team composition, and it’s the same with Apex Legends. Read on as we help you choose the best Apex…

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loot boxes and microtransactions

We can tell you what to expect from microtransactions, loot boxes, currencies and battle passes. The good news is that all of the loot is purely cosmetic. There are no pay-to-win or even pay-to-get-a-little-bit-stronger mechanics here. In addition to loot boxes, there will also be a store where you can buy cosmetics directly. One other thing will be available in the store: characters aka Legends. Every Legend has a unique set of abilities, which you can read about in our character guide. While some of Apex Legends’ characters will be free from the start, others will be purchasable with real money or in-game currency you earn by playing the game. That’s the short version, but there’s a lot more to cover, including drop rates, rarities, and what, exactly, all these cosmetic unlocks…

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how to use trackers to track your stats

HOW DO I UNLOCK TRACKERS? Trackers can drop as loot box items, but you can also craft them with Crafting Metals, one of Apex Legends’ in-game currencies. Those metals are also loot box drops and can be used to craft other cosmetics, like character and gun skins. Tracker unlocks are unique to each character, so even if you get a drop for a basic stat like ‘Kills’ for Bangalore, it won’t be unlocked for anyone else. Since the odds are slim you’re going to get the specific tracker drop you want for the character you want, crafting is your better option. To craft trackers, go to the Legends tab, pick a Legend, and then click the Banners tab. Now look at the menu in the left column, which lists Frames, Poses, Badges,…

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crafting metals what do they do and how do you earn them?

Crafting Metals are a type of currency you can earn alongside Legend Tokens and Apex Coins, and when you jump into the game for the first time it’s all somewhat confusing. Apex Coins are used to buy items from the rotating shop, while Legend Tokens are spent on unlocking Legends and new colour schemes for weapon skins you already own. Crafting Metals in Apex Legends, on the other hand, can be spent on unlocking any cosmetic you want, from Legend skins to banner poses and voice lines. HOW TO EARN CRAFTING METALS IN APEX LEGENDS Technically, you can’t buy Crafting Metals with Apex Coins, Legend Tokens or real money. The only way you can get more Crafting Metals is by opening Apex Packs, which are the small loot crate robots. Crafting Metals…

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what are heirlooms and how do you get them?

Even if you’ve played the game nonstop since it launched, you may still have no idea what heirlooms are because they’re that rare. Forget the four tiers of rarity you know about (common, rare, epic, legendary), because heirlooms are a fifth tier that Apex Legends doesn’t explain to you in-game. You can only obtain heirlooms as cosmetics – not as in-game equipment – and we have everything you need to know about Apex Legends heirlooms here. HOW TO GET HEIRLOOMS AND HOW COMMON ARE THEY? Apex Legends heirlooms cannot be crafted. You can’t even view them in-game until you’ve unlocked them. At launch the only method of unlocking them is via Apex Crates. They are the rarest possible drop in the game, but when you do eventually get them, the heirlooms come…