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The Cottage Journal features decorating ideas, style tips, creative inspiration, and delicious recipes - and now you can enjoy every single page on the tablet! Create a warmer, more magical home with the beauty of nature and The Cottage Journal!

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editor’s letter

Christmas is a time for family and friends to make memories that last for years to come. It is a season to offer gifts, gather over delicious meals, and spend precious moments together. To be at home, wherever that may be, has meaning that goes beyond current style trends to our essential wish to connect each year. The need to scurry from one home to another seems to lift spirits, and peace dwells among festive settings of decorations, wreaths, and merry-making! Scottish tartan is a historically popular pattern, and in this issue, we feature it on festive packages and examine its roots in “Timeless Tartan” on page 13. The pattern also inspired the tree on our cover, draped with ribbons and ornaments and wrapped gifts, too. While it has been popular…

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timeless tartan

At the first mention of tartan, the mind may go straight to the Scottish Highlands and the days when kilt patterns were a sign of one’s home region. However, tartan patterns were likely not created by our Scottish brethren at all. One of the earliest examples of tartan dates all the way back to 1000 BC with the Cherchen Man, the mummified remains of a Celtic male found in the Taklamakan Desert in western China wearing tartan leggings and a red tunic. The striking pattern surged in popularity at the time most people would assume, though—the 17th and 18th centuries in the Highlands of Scotland. In fact, the multicolor pattern became such a cultural symbol that Scottish clans, or family groups, began creating their own tartans as a way to identify…

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merry and bright botanics

The welcoming ambience and alluring glisten of the holiday season come alive inside Apotheca, a charming cottage-style boutique in the small town of Goffstown, New Hampshire. Owner Alyssa Van Guilder opened the shop’s doors in 2005, and since that time, the brick-and-mortar flower shop has expanded while being embraced by the community it calls home. Alyssa embodies the spirit of the holiday season year-round, feeling honored to play a role in customers’ celebrations, love stories, and everyday messages by turning them into custom-designed floral formations. The talented shop owner first began fostering her love of creating during her childhood in rural Alaska. She could often be found playing in nature, crafting unique creations out of found objects and attempting to sell them at the end of her dirt drive where more…

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market finds

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old memories, new life

In December, the Wooldridge house comes to life. From the tree that sparkles not far from a glowing fireplace to the fresh greenery that drapes mantels and banisters alike, Becky Wooldridge enjoys throwing in a little bit of magic among the storied antiques that adorn every room. “I just enjoy arranging it and looking at it in the house and seeing how it brings life to the house at Christmastime,” she says. But bringing life into the house isn’t something she enjoys only during the holidays. In fact, it was that desire that informed nearly every aspect of the design—including Becky’s careful use of contemporary pieces alongside the more classic elements. “I don’t want to throw anything in that I know is going to go out of style in five years,…

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christmas magic

You can only imagine the joy on Natalie Arnemann’s children’s faces when they walk back through the doors of their home after traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday. While the Arnemanns are away with family, friend and florist Molly Berry decks their halls with Christmas cheer. “My family travels for Thanksgiving, so we are completely out of her way,” Natalie says. “When we get home, my children think magical elves have decorated our home for Christmas.” The children might just be right. Over the course of just a few hours, Molly transforms the home’s neutral décor scheme into a winter wonderland. While designing their home after purchasing it four years ago, Natalie and her husband opted for a neutral color palette throughout, which Molly says is perfect when decorating for the holidays.…