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charming fences

White picket fences call to mind summer days, a yard full of pets and children, and the ideals of family and home. Before it was associated with the American Dream, the picket fence simply served a purpose—to mark property lines while still allowing for a beautiful view. Popular since colonial days, white picket fences now offer so much more than security to our yards, both in the front and back. No matter the size of your lawn, garden, or home, white picket fences exude charm and cottage style. The simple whitewash of the fence provides a wonderful backdrop for flowers and greenery. Monkey grass, towering floral bushes, and climbing ivy coexist beautifully with picket fences of all types. Flower beds or hedges along the fence line will turn a plain wooden…

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a southern welcome

Brimming with curb appeal, the front porch conjures charming Southern reminders of lazy summer days and enchanting evenings spent swaying on a porch swing. Porches are an introduction to the home, so what kind of first impression is your home making? The word “porch” was derived from the Latin porticus, meaning a “covered gallery” or “covered walkway between columns.” Often serving as the main entry to the home, the front porch has a rich architectural and social past. While porches were present in the architecture of colonial times, it wasn’t until the 1840s and 1850s that front porches became a popular design element throughout the United States. Before radio, television, and modern technology, the front porch was a place to socialize, and during the spring and summer months, it was typically…

2 minuti
the glory of the garden

Nearly 20 years ago, Sherry Eldridge and her husband moved to a new home, and they began almost immediately to create a backyard garden that mirrored the cottage-style décor of their house. Hardscapes were installed—white trellises, picket fencing, lattice walls, and charming one-of-a-kind birdhouses and bird feeders. Then Sherry went to work putting in the plants. She didn’t start out with roses, but once she found a nursery specializing in antique roses, she fell in love with the old-fashioned garden plants it offered. “They’re so fragrant,” she says, “and they have the big, full blooms—the look we like.” Now, hardy, deliciously scented roses climb the trellises, anchor the beds, and bloom with abandon around garden statuary. The selection includes antiques such as ‘Marie van Houtte’, introduced in 1871; the “found” rose…

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sharing the bounty

Located on a lot about a block from his house, Dr. Mitchell Mutter’s vegetable plot has become a magnet for passersby, who invariably stop to chat. He welcomes visitors, especially the young ones. “I love to have children come and see things growing, see where food comes from,” he says. Mitchell is also generous with the fruits of his labor. Every summer, he hosts a potluck in the garden. Nearly 200 neighbors help set up tables, harvest the vegetables, and make a big salad niçoise. “That’s what gardens are for,” he says, “to commune with nature and your neighbors.”…

3 minuti
relaxed living in the big easy

For New Orleans, Louisiana, interior decorator Donna Maselli, a home is an organic living thing. “A house truly speaks to me when I enter it; it tells me what it wants to be,” she says. “A home should always reflect its inhabitants but should not be overly decorated or stuffed with too many sentimental objects.” For Donna and her husband, Joe, that reflection is found in a 1900s Greek Revival home layered in creamy neutrals, serene spaces, and a generous dose of natural light. Though they dwell in a city known for over-the-top parties, parades, and all-around good times, they’ve created a quiet sanctuary within their home. Like many traditional Southern cottages, the Maselli home has a welcoming front porch flanked with white columns, where the family can enjoy shady park…

2 minuti
coming home

After 25 years of living in Atlanta, Georgia, this business professional decided to move back to her hometown. She had lived in a new house in Atlanta but was hoping to find a home in her parents’ charming, well-established neighborhood. After three disappointing possibilities, her father encouraged her to look at the cottage around the corner that had been empty for several years. “I took one step in and fell in love with it,” she exclaims, “and it’s walking distance to my parents’.” With the help of old friends, builder David Camp and interior designer Lauren Conner, the cottage’s metamorphosis began. David reworked the front of the house to create a little portico and charming entrance. To continue the inviting welcome seen from the exterior, he made some interior changes as…