The European Business Review January/February 2020

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leading and innovating with a truly global mindset

At the beginning of the new decade, it is an opportune time to refresh our perspectives and create long term visions and goals that can take our organisations and career to the new height. With this aim, in the first issue of 2020, we present to you an abundance of interviews and influential articles that are set to broaden your mindset and stimulate new ideas and inspirations. In this episode of the Top Executive Education with the Best ROI series, we had the pleasure of an exclusive interview with Anke Middelmann, Director of Global Executive MBA at SKEMA Business School. She shares with us enlightening insights into just what makes the school’s executive programme and multicultural training so unique and attractive to aspiring business leaders from all four corners of the…

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what are we doing today to prevent our company’s next ethical disaster?

Imagine that you are walking past a restaurant where you clearly see that the condition of the electric wiring in the kitchen is posing a serious threat to the safety of the people inside. It is clear to you that it does not take much for a fire to break out. Convinced about your assessment, you run into the restaurant and try to persuade people to leave the restaurant. You tell them that this is needed to protect their future health and survival. What will be the response? Most likely people will look at you in a bewildered way and think you have lost all your intellectual abilities. In other words, will they consider you to be a leader, no, likely they will think you are a “zero” not a…

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about the author

David De Cremer is the Provost chair and professor in management and organizations at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore, an honorary fellow at the University of Cambridge, and a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University. Before moving to NUS, he was the KPMG endowed professor in management studies at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He is the founder and director of the Center on AI Technology for Humankind at NUS Business School and a fellow of the Royal Dutch Academy of Science. He has published more than 250 academic articles and book chapters and is the author of the books “Pro-active Leadership: How to overcome procrastination and be a bold decision-maker” and “Huawei: Leadership, culture and connectivity”.…

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compliance is riskier than ever

Over the years, there has been a steady growth of compliance-related risks that bring untimely death to any business unfortunate enough to cross paths with them. Companies invest all their money and time into their products only to be hindered by unexpected legal drawbacks. In particular, four of these factors have the most domino-like effect on business, namely: outsourcing and supply chain, prosecutions, privacy laws, and social media. The last thing any business wants is to develop and deliver a great product or service that customers love, only to be hit with a massive fine by regulators who discover that the company violated an important law along the way. But the risk of this happening is greater than ever, and this risk is not limited to the huge publicly-traded companies. Organizations…

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developing future business leadership with a truly global mindset

With seven campuses across five continents, SKEMA Business School has already lived up to its goal to be THE global business school distinctively positioning itself as a centre for excellence, humanism, diversity, and innovation. One of its signature programmes, the Global Executive MBA, was established in 2014, and it has already made the top of French and international rankings through its quality and unique blended-learning framework and enhanced multicultural training. In this enlightening interview, Director Anke Middelmann gives us a glimpse into just what makes the school’s business-educational programme so attractive to aspiring business leaders from all four corners of the globe. “ Our student body is about 91% international and our faculty has either lived and worked abroad or comes from other countries. This makes for a very vibrant atmosphere. ” Q…

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executive profile

Anke Middelmann, Director of the highly esteemed Global Executive MBA of the SKEMA Business School, holds a Masters degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK, and a Bachelors degree in European History from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. She also holds a coaching qualification from Coach U in the United States, and from the World Class Coaching Academy in the UK. She is a permanent assistant professor in Multicultural Management. Prior to working for SKEMA Business School, Anke Middelmann worked for the European Commission in both Brussels and Washington, DC, and as an independent intercultural trainer, facilitator and coach.…