The European Business Review September/October 2020

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corporate foresight in an ever-turbulent era

Nobody knows what the future holds in store. How, then, should businesses prepare for the mind-boggling array of scenarios that might arise in the coming years? It turns out there are ways to reduce the risk of being mauled by the savage beast of the unexpected, as this intriguing article explains. Foresight as an indispensable firm capability Recent global developments have led many firms to be more attentive to potential surprising future events. As a result, they are devising new business models and product lines that allow them to perform well even in the midst of disruptions or crises. Exploring the future is becoming an intrinsic part of business intelligence. However, this practice is not new. More and more corporations are systematically looking into the future to change their current offerings and…

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about the authors

Alessandro Fergnani is head of scenario consulting at the strategic foresight consultancy Shaping Tomorrow and a PhD candidate in Management and Organization at NUS Business School (Singapore). Alessandro conducts research on corporate foresight, foresight methodologies, and the futures of work. His research has been published on the journals Academy of Management Perspectives, Futures, Futures & Foresight Science, Foresight, and World Futures Review, among others. Alessandro regularly gives futures and scenario planning workshops globally. Dr. Andy Hines is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator for the University of Houston’s Graduate Program in Foresight and is also speaking, workshopping, and consulting through his firm Hinesight. Andy has 30 years of professional futurist experience with companies including Kellogg Company and Dow Chemical, and consulted with Coates & Jarratt, Inc. and Social Technologies/ Innovaro. His books…

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agile anarchy is the name of the future

To build agile organizations you must understand human relationships. 1. Change> Transform Your Approach to Transformation This technical note explores some aspects of management and organizations in an era that has been called “a constant state of transformation.” In fact, we may have waited too long to start the process of transformation, and now is the time to modify our approach. We need to put people first, and approach digital technology from the perspective of reality, beyond merely a digital or virtual reality. Management should focus on helping people connect with what they do and develop a strong sense of purpose, encourage them to give it their all, provide them with what they need in their professional journey and build a culture of constant learning, while also ensuring that leadership keeps up with…

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about the authors

Guido Stein is a Professor in the Department of Managing People in Organisations and Director of Negotiation Unit. He is partner of Inicia Corporate (M&A and Corporate Finance). Prof. Stein is a consultant to owners and management committees of companies. Member of The International Academy of Management and the International Advisory Board MCC (Budapest) and is a collaborator with People and Strategy Journal, Corporate Ownership & Control, Harvard Deusto Business Review, The European Business Review and Expansion. Prof. Stein’s books in English include “Managing People and Organisations: Peter Drucker’s Legacy”, “Now What? Leadership and Taking Charge” and co-author of “Keys to Leadership Success”. He is now working on a book, “Ambidextrous Negotiator” with Kandarp Mehta. Alberto Barrachina is a Business Intelligence Analyst at PowerShop in Madrid, Spain. He is highly costumer-oriented,…

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organizational with covid preparedness -19: strategic planning and human creativity

COVID-19 arrived with force and unpredictability, dragging sectors and industries to an unprecedented and uncertain situation. Companies and organizations reacted, but most were far from being prepared. Tourism, retailing, manufacturing, logistics, education, healthcare, and automobile are some of the industries most affected by the lockdown situation created by COVID-19, in order to restrict mobility and reduce the pandemic diffusion through contacts. Some examples could be of tourism sector provided by United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) (2020): available data show a 22% decrease of international travels in Q1 2020, with March arrival down by 57%; this is a loss of 67 million international arrivals and USD 80 billion in receipts. The scenario continues uncertain with an estimated decline of 58% to 78% depending on the advancement of containment and travel…

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about the authors

YingYing Zhang-Zhang is currently a Full Professor of Management at Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan (IUJ). Prior to her position at IUJ, she was a faculty member at CUNEF (Complutense University of Madrid) in Spain. She has also held several visiting positions as professor and scholar around the world in the US, Latin America, UK, and Germany. She publishes frequently research articles in management journals and has written several management books, with the latest one Leadership of Chinese Private Enterprises (2019 Academy of Management George R. Terry Book Award Nomination). She is a board member of Women in the Academy of International Business. Contact: Dr. Arup Varma (Ph.D., Rutgers University) is Interim Chair and Professor in the Management Department at the Quinlan School of Business at…