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The Field

The Field

November 2020

Published by TI Media Limited The Field is a monthly glossy magazine dedicated to those brave souls who shoot, fish and hunt way beyond the call of duty. Since 1853, its staff has selflessly brought its readers the cream of rural life, be it pheasant shooting, dry-fly fishing or the distinct merits of Cheval Blanc. If you love field sports, errant terriers and very foxy friends at hunt balls, The Field is for you.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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field champions

Mark Cunliffe-Lister, Lord Masham - Chair of the Moorland Association (MA) The owner of the Swinton Estate became chair of the MA in May 2020. “I, like all members of the MA, am rightly proud of the moorland that I look after and manage… We must continue to highlight all the good work that we see on the ground, backed up with the science, and the multiple biodiversity and carbon-capture benefits it brings.” A particular area of focus will be “tackling the conflict of birds of prey and grouse moors”. His ‘Elysian’ moment’? “The walking days that my uncle organised when we were teenagers, which involved an armed walk around the moor edge with family and friends and a wide variety of game.”…

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avon valley lapwing numbers up

A remarkable project has reversed the downward trend of lapwing and other waders in the Avon Valley. The LIFE Waders for Real project was set up by the GWCT, bringing together 40 local land managers between Salisbury and Christchurch. A booklet, Saving our lapwing: a guide to successful working conservation, charts their success and shares the conditions required for lapwing to thrive. GWCT chief executive Teresa Dent said, “We could no longer bear to see the numbers of breeding lapwing on our own doorstep go down and down.” The project has increased the number of lapwing in the Avon Valley from 61 pairs in 2015 to 105 in 2019. Breeding success has also been improved. A local population must fledge an average of 0.7 chicks per pair each year to remain stable. Lapwing…

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strong coffee and steelhead

Soon after meeting Derek Barber I realised that here was a man who pursues the important things in life with single-minded determination. These passions include being able to make a perfect espresso, or macchiato, on the banks of one of the best and most remote steelhead rivers in the world. While coffee was clearly important to Barber, the main reason we were here, an hour’s helicopter flight north of Smithers in British Columbia, Canada, was to fish for that superb migratory fish, the steelhead. “We flew over rivers such as the Skeena, rivers rods fantasise about” British and Irish fly-fishers have a strange addiction to anadromous fish. We all enjoy saltwater trips and the exciting freshwater fish of the southern hemisphere, such as golden dorado or tigerfish, but our trips to fish…

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beagling about

In his book, Beagling and Beagles, written in 1931, J Otho Paget proposes a solution for encouraging those uninitiated in the fieldsport: “Let them go out two or three days with beagles and they will soon find the hunting fever has only been hidden by the absence of opportunity.” Nearly a century on, Otho Paget’s advice is just as pertinent. Lockdown and the time it has afforded for reflection means that many have realised how unfulfilling their way of life has been. This has resulted in a sea change towards uncomplicated, outdoor-based pastimes. And while social restrictions persist, there are few better opportunities to embrace this newfound desire for individual freedom and the countryside than to go beagling. Planning requirements are refreshingly minimal. There’s no forgetting to book a time slot…

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christmas gifts sprogs

SHOOTING COAT STARTSMART Waterproof, windproof, 100% wool shooting coat for sporting sprogs aged two to 15 years. ♦ Price from £80 ♦ Tel 01386 710000 ♦ THE ED STAFFORD SHELTER KIT THE DEN KIT COMPANY Professional grade shelter kit inspired by Amazon adventurer Ed Stafford. ♦ Price £60 ♦ Tel 01694 751733 ♦ CHILD’S HUNTING WHIP THE HUNTING STOCK MARKET Leather-covered whip, ridged Scottish deer antler handle for extra grip with nickel or silver-plated collar. Can be engraved. ♦ Price £142 with nickel collar ♦ Tel 07557 989963 ♦ HAMMERHEAD MUDHEAD KIDS OFF-ROAD BUGGY STORM BUGGIES Off-road tyres, hydraulic brakes and a reverse gear with throttle limiter and removable keys. Ultimate paddock playtime, now owned by Polaris. ♦ Price £1,599 ♦ Tel 01444 245205 ♦ FAIRY LIGHTS CABLE & COTTON String LED lights in sets of 20, 35 or 50 for decorating dorms and dens. Wide variety of colours or customise…

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christmas gifts subscriptions & memberships

FIELD SUBSCRIPTION THE FIELD Be the first to read the latest instalment of the original and ultimate sporting journal, delivered monthly to your door. ♦ Price from £20.99* ♦ Tel 0330 333 1113 (quote ABX2) ♦ TEA RARE TEA CO World travel via a teapot. The Rare Tea subscription delivers three perennially popular loose-leaf teas and herbs per month. ♦ Price £18.99 per month ♦ Tel 020 7681 0115 ♦ COFFEE TWO CHIMPS Characterful, freshly roasted speciality coffee, whole bean or ground, for any device. Gift subscriptions keep the coffee coming. Try Knowledgeable Wellies or Lobster Matador. ♦ Price from £15.90 for two deliveries ♦ Tel 01572 774389 ♦ SOCKS LONDON SOCK CO Sock club for the sartorially minded. Three-, six- and 12-month memberships available for a choice of one, two or three pairs monthly. ♦ Price from £30 for 3 months ♦ Tel 020 3879 4558 ♦ BOOKS THE WILLOUGHBY…