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The Hollywood Reporter Award Special 16B June 2020

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sequels, finales and interactivity, oh my!

For the past several years, outstanding television movie has been the Rodney Dangerfield of Emmy categories — it can’t get no respect. To be frank, the category hasn’t earned it, often rewarding obvious category fraud and uneven-at-best programming since 2016, when it handed a trophy to Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, one of the PBS series’ very worst outings. Netflix’s Black Mirror has monopolized the prize since, for 2017’s “San Junipero” (a very good 60-minute episode of the show), 2018’s “USS Callister” (an amusing but plot-hole-riddled 76-minute episode of the show) and 2019’s Bandersnatch (a very bad interactive special most notable for the tech-phobic backlash it garnered its network). Black Mirror isn’t eligible for the TV movie Emmy this year, which gives the category a chance to reboot itself and maybe even…

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the drama series race remains deadly serious

BETTER CALL SAUL AMC The fifth and penultimate season of this Breaking Bad spinoff has a 99 percent favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes, as high as any of its previous four seasons, all of which were nominated in this category. It was rolling out until fairly recently (April 20), so it will be fresh in voters’ minds. And lest you think a show can’t win for the first time for its fifth season, I ask: Have you heard of The Sopranos, 24, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones? Unlike the first four seasons of the aforementioned quartet of shows, this one has yet to win a single Emmy. (It’s 0-for-32 so far.) THE CROWN Netflix The show’s first two seasons were both nominated in this category. Season three felt like a new show, in the best…

8 minuti
‘we’re an exact yin and yang’

Mae Whitman and Jane Levy, who met via mutual friends on a night out at Los Feliz mainstay the Dresden, have shared many adventures as best friends of eight years, and in February they became neighbors (on NBC’s Sunday night lineup, that is) as Levy’s musical dramedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist led into the third-season premiere of Whitman’s Good Girls. The new seasons of their shows involved major challenges for both: Levy, 30, performed six musical numbers in a single 42-minute episode, while former child star Whitman, 31, was planning to direct for the first time (though her episode was shelved due to the pandemic). The pair spoke to THR about how they support each other’s career, what’s been different about working on sets led by women and how they handle…

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‘i maybe love producing more than being on-camera’

“When a director or producer would say, ‘Try it another way, we need options,’ I never really understood that in the past — I always thought that it was just them trying to get me to do it their way instead of my way,” Kerry Washington admits of the days before she launched her production company, Simpson Street, and became an executive producer (alongside co-star Reese Witherspoon) on the Hulu limited series Little Fires Everywhere. Now after several projects working behind the camera and in the editing room, Washington, 43, understands the benefits of being one of those voices. “We’re painting with a lot of different colors, and sometimes you need to have a little bit more red in that orange or a little bit more green in that blue,” she…

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trophy-toting multihyphenates

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman BIG LITTLE LIES Kidman may have won an Emmy for her performance in the HBO series, but the prize for outstanding limited series was shared between the actress and her co-star and fellow EP. In her acceptance speech, Witherspoon noted the importance of “bringing women to the front of their own stories.” Phoebe Waller-Bridge FLEABAG Waller-Bridge’s game-changing Amazon series just about swept every awards show last year, including the Emmys, where she won for acting, writing and outstanding comedy series. “Well, this is just getting ridiculous,” the actress-writer-producer quipped when she picked up her third trophy of the evening. Julia Louis-Dreyfus VEEP Louis-Dreyfus’ portrayal of Selina Meyer earned her six consecutive Emmy wins for outstanding lead actress, but her role as a producer on the HBO series brought in an additional three Emmys…

7 minuti
a tale of two catherines

Costume Designer Maja Meschede For HBO’s miniseries Catherine the Great, Meschede spent about eight weeks researching the real Russian empress and looking at art from the period. “I was vastly inspired by Pietro Rotari and his beautiful paintings of people living at the court of Catherine the Great,” she says. For Catherine’s earlier looks, she focused on pastel colors like pink — and, of course, the classic Russian blue, which Meschede describes as “like a dove gray, but slightly more vibrant.” She also used earthier tones. “I used gold or gold-blond colors, and colors from nature and also a lot of embroideries taken from nature, which they did at the time,” she says. “Catherine’s court copied a lot of the styles from the Russian peasant dress — what they wore to church…