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The iPad Book

The iPad Book

The iPad Book 15th Edition

In The iPad Book we cover apps that can turn your iPad into a fully-fledged media centre, a creative hub, an essential office companion and more. We'll break down the various iPad hardware models and to top it off we'll give you a full rundown of the best iPad games available on the App Store. Featuring: Ultimate guide to iPad - Everything you need to know to choose the perfect iPad model to suit your needs. The complete guide to iOS 10 - Explore all the fantastic features and updates within Apple's latest iOS update. Work with your iPad - Put your iPad to work with the tablet's professional and versatile range of office apps. Essential iPad games - Our pick of the App Store's must-have iPad games.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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action & adventure

The best action and adventure games are imaginative, well-written, visually stunning and original. Thankfully the App Store is teeming with these types of games, which are invariably some of the most popular on the store. The very best get you engrossed in their stories and leave you investing hours and hours into them, forcing you to keep on playing. The iPad is the perfect platform for action and adventure games that benefit from the extra screen space – there’s more to see and gamers get to witness it in all its glory. In this mini rundown of the essential action and adventure games, we’ll guide you through multiple award-winning apps that will take away your breath with their beauty and originality. Then there are the games that thrill you with…

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keep a digital diary with day one journal

App used: Day One Journal Price: £3.99/$4.99 While writing a daily journal seems like an oldfashioned idea, there are lots of good reasons to try to keep one. It can help you focus, make it easier to keep track of your progress, and, if nothing else, be a safe place for you to vent your frustration. Journals let you express yourself creatively without fear of being judged. You can use your journal as a place to track the important events in your life so you can remember them and share them with your friends. Previously, you’d be faced with a pen and a blank page to document your day. Lucky for us, we can use Day One Journal, an elegant iPad app that lets you easily enter the details of your day,…

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integrate facebook

App used: Facebook Price: Free Facebook and the native apps on iOS are more tightly integrated with each release. If you depend on Facebook for keeping you in touch with your friends, it’s great to be able to get to those contacts directly from the Contacts app. When your Facebook friends are in your Contacts, you can easily send them emails or messages without having to dig around in Facebook to find addresses. You may also find it useful to be able to view your Facebook events in your iPad’s Calendar app. If you like keeping track of your Facebook friends’ birthdays, you can even display those in your Calendar, too. There are even more ways that Facebook and the iPad work together. Notification Centre can give you a quick view of…

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capture sounds with the audio recorder

App used: GarageBand Price: Free/£3.99/$4.99 Touch Instruments are at the very heart of GarageBand on Apple’s iOS. These are the app’s software-based instruments you can play in a variety of engaging ways when recording track regions into your projects. However, within Touch Instruments, a slight exception can be found in the form of the new app Audio Recorder. With this app, you don’t actually play an instrument but instead capture external sounds via the iPad or iPhone’s built-in microphone. The background recordings are of course then added automatically to a new track, typically to provide vocals or whatever you wish to include. In addition to the new features, these new ‘dry’ sounds can have eight preset effects applied to create some stylised results in a single tap. Get your hands at the…

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import and edit excel files in numbers

App used: Numbers Price: Free/£7.99/$9.99 The built-in apps on your Apple device work perfectly with the hardware and are optimised to take full advantage of the operating system. So while alternatives like Microsoft’s Office suite are still worth a look, Apple’s own iWork apps offer similar functionality, complete compatibility and a much nicer interface. Also, since the iWork apps are designed to work the same on Mac and iOS, you won’t be frustrated by missing features. But Apple knows that many people still use Microsoft Office, and it has therefore made it quick and easy to import and edit Microsoft files using iWork apps. You can continue to enjoy the improved interface of iWork on your iPad without having to transfer to a Mac or PC to work on a full version…

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take crazy selfies with photo booth

Who doesn’t love to take a good selfie? You’ll have seen them shared all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Selfies are everywhere these days and everyone from Hollywood celebrities to your next-door neighbour’s Nan is taking them. However, if you want to take something a little different, it’s time to have a play around with Apple’s Photo Booth app. This allows you to take weird and wonderful selfies, from those that swirl your face to look like a puddle, to those that show it through a kaleidoscopic prism: Photo Booth is simple to use and has a variety of image styles that all distort your selfies in wildly interesting ways. What’s also great about Photo Booth is that there is an integrated feature that allows you to share your pictures…