The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters March/April 2019

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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money well spent

The past deer season on a scale of 1 to 10 was about a 7. Good bucks were plentiful, but a rainy fall made native food available everywhere. And we all know what that means to the average deer hunter sitting and watching the corn feeder. No bucks! A full moon on opening weekend didn’t help. The result was a poor start, and in the Hill Country where half of the deer are taken prior to Thanksgiving, the result was a slow harvest. South Texas was about normal by state standards, but nothing to brag about. Oh, hunters took their share of quality bucks, and nobody will quit deer hunting! Every season has its good points—no pun intended—and bucks that get by will sweeten the pot for 2019. I mentioned “corn feeders”…

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we are ttha

A Match Made For Texas Texas Trophy Hunters Association is proud to announce our newest sponsor partnership with KUBOTA. They say: “There’s a Kubota for every job, every harvest, every task.” We put a new Kubota Sidekick RTV to the test recently during the filming of an episode for our Texas Trophy Hunters TV show. Brian Hawkins and crew have proof the four-wheel drive gasoline powered Sidekick utility vehicle performs even in the nastiest conditions. To find a Kubota dealer near you, see page 29 in this issue. Muy Grande Honors Military Members TTHA Member DD Hoffman wants everyone to know the Muy Grande Big Buck Contest has a Wounded Warrior bracket as well as an Active Duty Military category. The Muy Grande Contest in Freer was the first deer contest in Texas. The May/June…

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the mansion buck

My husband, kids, and my mom, Mary Beason, hunt in Grimes County on approximately 300 acres of low-fence land. I had killed a buck 19. inches wide with a drop tine four years ago, the biggest buck killed on the place yet. My husband has hunted this property for over 10 years, having seen and killed some nice deer. We have actively tried to manage our little place, which is sometimes hard because of surrounding hunters. Towards the end of November we caught the “Mansion Buck” on Mom’s camera. Our daughter Kinlyn named the deer. My husband was checking the camera and kept saying, “Oh my!” over and over again. We had a few pictures of the buck, and he was a doozie. We had never seen him before and couldn’t…

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I told my son, Clayton, as we sat a camp, “Nothing like pulling the cards for the first time of the year to take inventory of potential shooters.” Clayton and I happen to share the same passion of chasing whitetail deer with our bows. We have been on a bowhunting-only lease together for the past several years and cherish the time we spend together at our Hill Country lease. Last season came and went without Clayton or me punching a trophy tag. We had a few bucks on our list, but we couldn’t close the deal. This season we were hoping for a different outcome. After getting a chance to look through some pics, we had a couple of bucks that would fit the bill. Topping the list would be a…

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fundraising for operation game thief

The ’90s were good years for Texas Trophy Hunters. Membership was thriving; the Extravaganzas were popular in Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio; and TTHA logo stickers were visible on almost everything they would stick to. Times were good. Sometime in the spring of 1996, I had an opportunity to discuss the Operation Game Thief program with Buddy Turner and Jack King at Texas Parks and Wildlife. The pay-for-tips on fish and wildlife violations was in its 15th year, and was very successful in curtailing poaching. The “Founding Father” of Texas’ Operation Game Thief was Harry Tennison of Fort Worth. Tennison was known worldwide as a hunter and wildlife conservationist. As the first chairman of the board, he paid most of the money for poaching tips during the first years of OGT…

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fence posts

CORRECTION: On page 6 in the January/February 2019 Journal, due to production error, we inadvertently placed the wrong page numbers on our Member Stories. We humbly apologize to our readers for the mistake and resulting confusion. In life as human beings, most times you’re fortunate to be the windshield. But sometimes, you wind up being the bug. Zinke Resigns Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke resigned from his job mid December amid ethics violation accusations. President Trump tweeted Zinke’s resignation on Dec. 15. So far the president has not nominated anyone as a permanent replacement. The acting secretary is Zinke’s deputy David Bernhardt, a lawyer and former lobbyist for the oil industry with longtime experience at the agency. According to the Washington Post, the Trump administration lost confidence in Zinke. Administration officials told Zinke he…