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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters May/June 2019

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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deer seasons concluded, cwd hype remains

Now that the deer seasons are over, quite a few hunters ask, “Where did the deer go?” We had a ho-hum season, with heavy rains just prior to the kick-off of MLD permits and archery hunting in October. With a bumper acorn crop in the Hill Country, coupled with a ground cover of greenery that deer love, the explanation is simple. Deer didn’t come to feeders, and pastures were so wet you couldn’t get to the blind. Texas deer hunters are pleased that whitetails are so wild. We cherish the chase and welcome all the negatives that face our quest for a particular buck. We know deer have the edge, so we plan the hunt for our advantage with high blinds, corn feeders, and rifles that will shoot a mile. With…

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we are ttha

New Shows On Texas Trophy Hunters TV ON THE PURSUIT CHANNEL If you’re looking for award-winning storytelling, writing and a cinema-style production that embraces the passion for the great outdoors and the Texas spirit, you won’t want to miss these upcoming episodes in May and June: May 6: “Passing the Torch.” Platinum Life Member No. 2 Laura Berry sweeps the Muy Grande Deer Contest with another incredible buck. May 13: “Opening Weekend Only Chance.” Texas basketball star slips away from the gym and his coach for his only chance at a whitetail hunt for the year. May 20: “Plucked From The Crowd.” A 10-year old girl shows up with her dad at the 2018 TTHA Hunters Extravaganza, not knowing she will be plucked from the thousands of people there to go on her first deer…

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my first rio

Under the cover of darkness, my guide Keith and I slowly crept along a moonlit path under the silhouette of a large oak tree. “Hold up,” he whispered, reaching into his vest for a call. Hoo-hoo-hoooooo boomed the kazoo-like owl hoot, chopping the morning calm. Seconds pass as we strain our ears for anything audible, but only the faint twittering of a few waking songbirds reply. “Let’s keep going,” he said, as we continued on the trail of what I hoped would become my first Rio Grande gobbler. Eventually we arrived at a clearing surrounded by prickly pear cactus where Keith placed our chairs against a mesquite bush. A light bead of sweat formed under my hat as I rested my shotgun at my side to don my face netting. Yeeep…

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one shot, two does

My two kids and I are very new to hunting. Three years ago, we didn’t know anything about hunting. We started getting into hunting because some friends invited me on a hunting trip, and I decided to go. When I returned home, my kids were asking me about the experience. I told them it was so amazing and showed them the pictures I took. I could tell they were hooked on hunting as I was. I asked my friends what would be the best way to introduce my kids, Sam and Santiago (Santi), into hunting, considering I didn’t have any hunting experience. They suggested I check with the Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP). I did call the TYHP and they helped me in an outstanding way. I took the hunting safety…

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remebering our roots

I got to thinking back on the past history of Texas Trophy Hunters Association since its inception in 1975. In my younger days, I have been a high school drop-out, a painters helper, a paint and body man, a floor hand on drilling rigs, a sales person for the American Sportsman Club—a company long since gone—and a few others that are no longer around. I knew I had an itch that I couldn’t scratch. So, what could I do? I knew I could never be happy at a job that had nothing to do with hunting and fishing. So, it was the beginning of a dream—my dream. Because of my past work history, I knew I needed to find a trail I should follow. I felt the need to choose a profession…

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san antonio man wins tpwf sweepstakes

Juan Martinez felt like a kid on Christmas morning. He picked up the keys to a brand-new Toyota Tundra at a Toyota dealership in San Antonio. Martinez was selected as the grand prize winner for the “We Will Not Be Tamed” sweepstakes, part of a Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation campaign that encourages all Texans to get involved in conserving the wild things and wild places of our state. “I was in absolute shock. l didn’t believe it at first,” said Martinez about getting the call that he won. “The only thing I’ve ever won before is a fishing rod. And that was a fishing rod. This is a truck!” Martinez, an avid angler, is a juvenile probation officer for Bexar County. He’d been driving a 2009 truck and had been thinking…