The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters March/April 2020

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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ceo’s letter

As you have probably heard by now, TTHA has been acquired by Safari Club International—and I personally am extremely excited about that! You can see the press release and related information about that on page 7 of this issue. I have to admit, SCI has not really been very prominent on my personal radar in the past—only because I am primarily a Texas hunter, so I’ve simply focused on Texas. As I started dealing with Laird Hamberlin, CEO of SCI, and his team, I was not surprised to find that we have a lot in common—in fact, there’s a few Texans on that team! The obvious question here, though, is, “Why would these two organizations combine forces?” I hope the answer is just as obvious: We’re stronger together. Both organizations need to…

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ttha enters acquisition agreement with safari club international

Safari Club International, the leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide, is excited to announce it has entered into an agreement to purchase Texas Trophy Hunters Association. The acquisition concluded at the SCI Convention in Reno, Nevada, in February. “This acquisition is part of SCI’s strategic plan to enhance the organization’s ability to help protect the freedom to hunt worldwide,” said SCI CEO Laird Hamberlin. “Since I was hired less than a year ago, we have shored-up internal operations and procedures. Now we are reaching out to other opportunities to position SCI for expansion in the hunting world and to defeat efforts by anti-hunters to deny everyone the freedom to hunt.” Founded in 1975, TTHA celebrates its 45th anniversary this year as the state’s leading organization in…

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bobby schmidt

Bobby Schmidt of Niederwald, just south of Austin, is a pioneer of our hunting heritage. As a retired businessman from a thriving electrical contracting company, Schmidt Electric, that employs hundreds of workers, Bobby is also big in cattle, real estate, and whitetail deer breeding. He loves hunting and fishing and has been a Platinum Life Member of TTHA, No. 149, for many years. Texas Trophy Hunters and I have known Bobby a long time, with my friendship with Bobby lasting 45 years. In the mid-’70s, he worked with his father, Robert “Rabbit” Schmidt, who had an electrical contracting company, Lone Star Electric, in Creedmoor. Bobby later formed his own electrical contracting company in 1984, and housed the company with his residence on FM 1625 between Austin and Creedmoor. Bobby owned and leased…

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fence posts

CWD Detected in Val Verde County Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in a free-ranging, 5½ year-old white-tailed doe between Del Rio and Amistad Reservoir, making it the first confirmed case of the disease in Val Verde County. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) are implementing a containment strategy designed to limit the spread of CWD from the affected area and better understand the distribution and prevalence of the disease. “Because eradication is thought to be impossible once CWD becomes established in a population, it is imperative that we work with other agencies, landowners and hunters to contain this disease within a limited geographic area and prevent it from spreading further among Texas deer populations,” said Dr. Bob Dittmar, TPWD’s Wildlife Veterinarian. “This containment strategy…

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editor’s notes

Thanks, Marty! Here at TTHA, we take our hats off to Marty Berry for providing some outstanding cover bucks for The Journal during the last 45 years. Marty has spent a lot of time and energy producing some of the best whitetails around on his Gloriosa Ranch in the South Texas brush. Through age, nutrition, and genetics, Marty’s deer herd on the ranch is probably at an apex for white-tailed deer in South Texas. Journal readers like to see big bucks, and Marty has provided the best through his photographic skills and an outstanding deer herd. Marty is an expert when it comes to deer photography, and his many Journal covers prove it. He uses good equipment, light and shadow, and big bucks to produce the best in whitetail portraits. We hope…

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what is the white-tailed deer worth to texas?

PART 2 When Editor Horace Gore asked me to discuss the value of whitetails to Texas, I never realized what a daunting task that would be! In Part 1 (see January-February issue), I began with the basic values any species has, including ecological, aesthetic, intrinsic, societal and economic. The white-tailed deer is what we call a “keystone species,” meaning it has a profound effect on the ecosystems in which it lives. Science has shown they have the ability to alter the ecological structure of habitats, affecting suitability for a host of game and non-game species. They also have profoundly influenced early human inhabitants of North America, and late arrivals from Europe. As I noted in Part 1, the name we gave the one dollar bill was a “buck,” the worth of one…