The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters

The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters March/April 2021

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The Journal of the Texas Trophy Hunters offers the latest news and information on Texas whitetail and North American game from professional writers uniquely combined with first-hand hunting experiences from its members! Each issue provides product information for archery, firearms and all of the latest hunting gear.

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on the upswing

America has just witnessed what may be the most unusual 12 months of modern times. The pandemic has been a horrible experience for millions of Americans who have been affected, and millions more who have had to endure the consequences of shut-downs, quarantines, and all of the other distractions associated with the virus. Will it ever end? Well, the answer is, “yes.” We get daily news that vaccines are coming that will eventually get the world back to normal—it’s just a matter of time. However, there will be a percentage of folks who will be the last to be vaccinated, and that will postpone the end of the virus, as we know it. Texas Trophy Hunters is ready to get back on track, too, with the Hunters Extravaganzas coming in August. We…

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safe gun storage saves lives

The Texas Department of Public Safety recently launched a statewide two-year campaign encouraging safe gun storage. Texans continue the purchase of firearms for hunting and personal safety and this campaign highlights the importance of storing guns safely at all times to keep them out of the hands of unauthorized users. TTHA wants you to practice safe gun storage to protect our kids, prevent accidents and keep our firearms out of the hands of criminals. FOLLOW THESE 3 STEPS TO SAFE GUN STORAGE 1 Store Firearms Store unloaded and secured by using a trigger lock, biometric lock, gun case, strong box, gun cabinet or gun safe 2 Store Ammunition Store and lock ammunition safely. 3 Restrict Access Keep others from getting access to stored firearms 24“7. That includes family, friends, children, or other visitors. Together, we can KEEP ‘EM SAFE,…

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charly seale

Charly Seale is a pioneer of our hunting heritage. As the executive director of the Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA), he is the point man for an organization dedicated to the promotion of exotic hoof-stock, conservation of the land, and preservation of private property rights. Born in 1948 near Kerrville, Charly is a third-generation rancher. He has remained in the Kerrville area his entire life, and his fondness for the Hill Country endures to this day. Charly grew up on the family ranch and as such, was introduced to the outdoors and hunting at an early age. His mother, Mona, who is now 93 years old, still resides at the ranch. Charly’s country roots were established from the very beginning. “Growing up, I followed my father and grandfather around everywhere. I used…

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fence posts

Conserving Through Hunting Texas Trophy Hunters Association is thought of by many as a hunting organization. It is, but it provides energy for wildlife conservation more than you would think. We hear a lot about conservation these days—conservation of water, forests, wildlife, fossil fuels, and so on. In Texas, several wildlife conservation groups exist, with Texas Trophy Hunters right up in the forefront of wildlife conservation. You might ask, “But, how does hunting help conserve wildlife?” Conservation has been a household word since the turn of the 20th century, when President Theodore Roosevelt started a trend of conserving wildlife by limiting hunting and preserving habitat. As president, and an avid hunter, Roosevelt saw what was happening to America’s wildlife and its habitat by the western movement of civilization, and the land and…

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legends dove hunt raises over $3 million

We hardly ever hear about hunters doing something for humanity. But the best effort I’ve heard of comes from the Abilene area, where dove hunters have raised over $3 million to upgrade the facilities of the Hendrick Children’s Hospital. The 2020 dove season marked the 17th year the Legends Dove Hunt has raised money for the kids. Of course, there was no hunt because of the coronavirus, but $100,000 was raised without the hunt. The idea to raise money for the kids came from Lanny Vinson and his friends in the “big country,” and the modernization of the pediatric facility of the Children’s Hospital in Abilene has been a huge success, thanks to dove hunters. t is ironic that a seemingly common ranch accident—a child falling off an excited horse—could start the…

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covid-19, social unrest and the future of hunting: update

In a previous column, I talked about the present and future impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on hunting and outdoor recreation in America. There appeared to be both positive and negative impacts at the time of writing my column. In my opinion, the “old normal” of life was hectic, superficial, and the average American has worked too hard and too long, sadly neglecting themselves and their families. Hunting and fishing have suffered over the last two decades, with hunter numbers on a steady decline. Emphasis has been on success and size of antlers, rather than the experience. I also talked about myself as a young man, when hunting was not a competitive sport and when family gatherings at the hunting lease produced lifelong memories. Friends are not people on the internet,…