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The Pastel Journal November/December 2020

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Pastel Journal covers topics of interest to working pastelists as well as those who work in pastel as an additional medium along with those who are just experimenting with the medium.

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varied expressions

Daniel Massad (page 18) tells the story of the moment his destiny as an artist was sealed. He was 10 years old and had just spent the day at the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, D.C. His encounters with works by Degas and Dali, among others, inspired a lifelong enthusiasm for art and painting. Massad’s story is one that I know will resonate with many of you who can trace your artistic identities back to childhood. Still, this isn’t everyone’s story. Halla Shafey (page 34), for example, got a late start in art. She began her professional career as an economist, consulting for prominent organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, UNESCO and UNICEF. At age 40, however, Shafey took a break from this work and committed…

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in memoriam: elizabeth mowry march 8, 1940–july 10, 2020

Peppered with the most prestigious awards and recognitions the pastel world has to offer, Elizabeth Mowry’s career and life in art was remarkable. Most notable for readers of Pastel Journal, Mowry was the cover artist for the magazine’s first issue in 1999. She authored three highly regarded and beloved books with Watson-Guptill Publications, The Poetic Landscape: a Contemporary Visual and Psychological Exploration, Landscape Meditations: An Artist’s Guide to Exploring Themes in Landscape Painting, and The Pastelist’s Year: Painting the Four Seasons in Pastel. Richard McKinley, president of the International Association of Pastel Societies, says of Mowry, “To have known her in person was to truly see the gentle persona of a poetic soul, which is evident in everything she painted.” Mowry was featured several times in Pastel Journal over the years. In…

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“enduring brilliance” celebrates two hall of fame inductees

For its annual exhibition “Enduring Brilliance,” the Pastel Society of America chose not one, but two, pastelists to induct into its Hall of Fame for 2020—a counter to the year’s otherwise tumultuous timbre and a worthy award for both artists after decades of work in the pastel medium. Maceo Mitchell was born in Detroit and eventually received his Master’s degree after working under master printmaker Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa. He taught college art classes until 1974, when he moved to New York City. His work has been exhibited widely in venues around the globe. “I’m touched. To be recognized by one’s peers is all one could ask for,” says Mitchell. “I started using pastels maybe 20 years ago and found that I had a natural feel for the…

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what’s online

10 Ways to Tell You’re a Pastel Artist Take this quiz to see which kind of pastel artist you are! artistsnetwork.com/go/pastel-artist How to Achieve Brilliant Color in Pastel Learn how David Napp fills his pastel art with resplendent color and bold mark-making. artistsnetwork.com/go/brilliant-pastel To Blend or Not to Blend? William Schneider offers advice for using a combination of blended and unblended areas in your pastels to create interest and overall unity. artistsnetwork.com/go/blend-or-not Keep Your Pastel Palette Fresh See Stan Sperlak’s advice for avoiding a predictable palette. artistsnetwork.com/go/sperlak-palette…

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too good to ignore

Rosalba Carriera (1675–1757) assumed an essential role in the history of pastel painting. In the early 18th century, she transformed pastel from a sketching tool to a medium of significance, just in time to help initiate the French rococo style. Her portraits, genial in spirit, deft of touch and executed with a feel for luxuriant textures, made her famous throughout Europe. Scores of poems were dedicated to her; one sonnet concludes, “your colors have given Light to the world.” Carriera was born in Venice, and started her career painting miniature portraits on ivory. She became a protégé of Venetian artist Antonio Maria Zanetti; her pastel portrait of him went the 18th-century equivalent of viral, initiating her international reputation. In 1705, Carriera was elected to the Accademia di San Luca, in Rome.…

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the green scene

When painting summertime forests, fields and foliage, landscape painters often find the abundance of green challenging. Capturing the complexity of nature’s greens when “everything is green” can be an exasperating, daunting effort. My own approach to developing various rich greens has evolved more through practice than through scholarly scientific analysis. Most of my paintings have a watercolor underpainting that converses with subsequent pastel layers. With each painting, I explore new options and build on what I’ve learned can work. Although we’re focusing on green here, these techniques can be applied to any color. Feel free to adapt them for different pigments. Color can be difficult to discuss because any attempt to analyze a color by tugging on the loose thread of a specific characteristic, inevitably unravels the entire fabric of the…