The Simple Things

The Simple Things October 2020

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The Simple Things is a beautiful, useful, quirky and fun magazine about taking time to live well. We cover mindfulness and microadventures, eating and growing, forgotten wisdom, home life and slow moments. It's for people who love their lives but want to take the pressure off and remember what’s really important. We like tea & cake, learning stuff, being outside and the satisfaction of a job well done. Do you?

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United Kingdom
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this is our 100th issue of the simple things

– a milestone for any magazine but coming as it does in such an uncertain and perilous year, we feel even more proud that we have continued to publish every month. Eight years in, we hope The Simple Things has become a part of your life, the way it has ours. When it launched in the autumn of 2012, it offered readers a clear promise ‘to celebrate the things that matter most’ – a reminder of how good life can be when you slow down a little, live in the moment more, and take notice of your surroundings. I wasn’t the editor back then, but I soon became an avid reader. For me, each issue is a nudge to remember that no matter where you live, or how busy you are, there…

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october almanac

Recipe Root veg crisps The best use we know of for a few random root veg. Beetroot and parsnips are nice but you can ‘crisp’ any root veg really. • Heat the oven to a low temperature. About 150C/ Fan 130C/Gas 2. • Slice your veg very thinly – use a mandolin if you have one – and spread them out on separate baking trays. • Spray or brush with olive oil. • Cook for a couple of hours, or until they are crisp and golden but not overdone. You may need to take some veg out before others. Put aside on kitchen towel to cool. • Sprinkle with chunky sea salt and any other herbs or spices you like to serve. In your foraging bag... Apple Day is 21 October. There are usually events all over the country…

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Project Five ways with apple crates Whether painted in bright shades or left rustic-style, apple crates look charming turned into storage or furniture. 1 Turn two upside down and attach boards to the top for a rustic coffee table. 2 Make an upholstered lid to fit one and make it your sewing box/foot stool. 3 Hang one or more on your bathroom wall to hold folded clean towels. 4 Attach two or three together on their sides for a small book case. 5 Hang tiny fairy lights inside one on its end and use it as a pretty display shelf in the kitchen. READ... ❍ Creepy but clever books for autumn evenings. We like: House of Leaves By Mark Z Danielewski, about a house that is bigger on the inside than the outside Dark Matter by Michelle Paver, in…

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make, do and friends

Capturing the essence of autumn in a decorative wreath is a fine excuse to gather family or invite a friend for a crafternoon. Forage outdoors for some of the things you’ll need, then share your spoils on the kitchen table or in the garden to make your wreaths. Once you’ve mastered it, you could make it a regular thing at the start of each season. However honed your crafting skills, you’ll need suitable snacks to fuel the creative process. Nibbles are the order of the day with bite-sized savouries and a brownie for pudding – or even before you start making (the first rule of crafternoons is that there are no rules when it comes to cake!). We’ve got wine to go with or a mocktail that will feel like a party…

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wines for snacks

MONGARDA COL FONDO, £19.99 A glass of fizz is a delighful way to greet people at your gathering. The bubbles in this wine are made using an ancient sparkling method in Italy. Expect a very gentle fizz, which is crisp and ultra refreshing and will go wonderfully with the smoked trout. PETITE FUGUE 2017, £15.99 If fizz isn’t your thing, then these delicious snacks call for some white wine with body and acid. Look no further than this sauvignon gris/blanc blend, which has great acidity to cut through rich food, and leans far fuller bodied than most sauvignon blancs. QUINTA DE RAMOZEIROS, £15.99 The rich fruits in this Portuguese red will complement any of the snacks – especially the brownie – which suit drinking with something richer. This is a drinkable red, which punches above…

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seeing the signs

The better we understand what we see, the more enjoyable every moment spent outdoors becomes. Knowing what to look for in a landscape, means we actually stop and notice. We start to see clues and signs all around us, telling us about where we are, what the weather will do, what’s underground. This makes us pause, sense more deeply and appreciate our surroundings. It’s a virtuous circle that brings a profound experience – in a word, wonder. My method for reading landscapes is simple. I start by looking up and zooming out, seeing the big picture, then lowering the gaze and narrowing my focus. You start to see how everything is connected, and how everything we see outdoors can be read as a clue. HEAVENS ABOVE Look at the sky. Each cloud is…