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The Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Bathrooms

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening retreat, a child-friendly layout or an easy-to-maintain en suite, creating your dream bathroom has never been easier. This bookazine is packed full of inspiration, ideas and advice on how to plan and shape your ideal bathroom. With our product advice, case studies and expert guidance, you’ll find everything you need inside to make a splash. Enjoy!

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vintage appeal

WHEN Anna-Marie and Rob moved into their period farmhouse, they knew the bathroom had to be the first room on their makeover checklist. ‘It was definitely in need of more than a simple update,’ recalls Anna-Marie. ‘It was inconveniently situated at the back of the house at the end of a long corridor, and we weren’t utilising the overall space as well as we could. We both agreed that we wouldn’t be happy long-term if we made do with a compromise, so it was important to get any changes right first time.’ As the bathroom was smaller than the adjacent spare bedroom, the couple decided to switch the rooms to give them the space they needed for a statement bath and separate shower. Anna-Marie designed a new layout, aiming to create…

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elegant bathroom makeover

Having a shower cubicle tucked away in the corner of the second bedroom may have been useful for the previous owners of Sarah and Stephen’s house, but for them it was a waste of valuable space. When they came to redesign the bathroom next door, it made perfect sense to knock through and incorporate the cubicle space into the new-look room. ‘We knew that once we tackled the bathroom we’d want to do it properly,’ explains Sarah. ‘We didn’t just want to replace the suite, we wanted to create the perfect layout for us.’ The couple moved into their semi-detached house in 2004, when the bright yellow walls in the space were right on trend. ‘We’d come from a house with an original 1940s bathroom so this seemed like a dream…

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head in the clouds

‘Extending up into the roof has given us the space we needed for our growing family,’ says Jenny of the new-build house she shares with her husband and two young children. ‘With my job as a textile designer, I need to use one of the bedrooms as a studio for my work, and with two children each having their own rooms, friends and family had to sleep on the floor in the lounge when they came to stay,’ she continues. ‘We realised we needed to create another bedroom, but rather than extend out we decided to go up into the loft to make a new master bedroom complete with dressing room and en suite.’ Finding inspiration A neighbour of Jenny and Doug’s had recently converted their loft and recommended the company she…

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ultimate guide to bathrooms

Once upon a time, bathrooms were a functional necessity in most homes. Now, they’re just as much a design focus as the rest of the house, but with so many style options on offer, it’s difficult to know where to start when planning an update. Whether you’re modernising your existing bathroom or creating a new one, there are plenty of things you need to consider. WHERE DO I START? First, be clear on what your aim is. Are you updating an old bathroom or extending to make space for a new one? Are you creating extra space by knocking through walls, or using a small bedroom to create a master suite? This will help you set a budget for your project as well as hammer out extra considerations, such as layout ideas…

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touch of luxury

‘Choosing high-end tiles took us over our initial budget, but I have no regrets – this isn’t just a bathroom, it’s my luxurious sanctuary’ WHEN Janet and Christopher first moved into their new-build house in East Sussex in 2002, they loved its spacious feel and freshly decorated interior. However, after 14 years, the couple decided that it was time to update the bathrooms, which were showing signs of wear and tear. ‘I’d always wanted my own dressing room so it was the perfect opportunity to rethink the layout of the first floor,’ Janet explains. ‘We sketched out plans to turn the existing en suite into a dressing area, accessed from our master bedroom, and decided to sacrifice one of the guest bedrooms to create a much larger en suite.’ Team building Janet used…

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into the blue

Peter Grech knew exactly where to start when renovating the bathroom in the house he bought with his partner Sam. The room was a good size with space for a bath and separate shower, but the stained mahogany floors and brown and red mosaic tiles had to go. ‘I think they were going for a Mediterranean feel,’ says Peter. ‘It was too much. We wanted it to be relaxing.’ Peter reveals how they invested in antique and online finds to add glamour while still sticking to a tight budget… STEP ONE The basics ‘I think originally the room must have been a bedroom and was changed into a bathroom one or two owners ago. It is really nice still having the fireplace as a feature in the room. The bath was where it is now,…