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Issue 523

Established in 1977, it serves thousands of committed readers from all walks of life who have a passion for boating. Complementing its marine market place strengths are quality news articles, product reviews and the latest boat tests.

Adventures Group Holdings Pty Ltd
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2 minuti
on watch

FANTASTIC FLYER Adam and I first laid eyes on the hotly priced Beneteau Flyer 10 at the Sydney International Boat Show in 2019. We have seen the rise of the 9-11 metre Day Boat for some time with the likes of the Greenline Neo and the Antares outboards, plus a number of new inboard boats of similar size but which tend to carry a hefty price penalty for their powertrains. The shift to outboards, like the Beneteau and Greenline feature, is an interesting move, no doubt driven by ease of servicing and space maximisation. Downstairs, where the inboards or sterndrives would typically be can now facilitate a second room or a larger ensuite or in the case of sterndrives, a bigger cockpit or massive wet locker – but there is more. The…

1 minuti
seadogs of yore

The ship’s cat is a largely uncelebrated figure in nautical history, despite their important role in keeping rats and mice at bay. There are, of course, exceptions; the nine tailed variety survives in infamy, and then there’s Trim. Reportedly born on the HMS Reliance,Trim would go on to sail aboard HMS Investigator with Matthew Flinders on his circumnavigation of Australia. Trim quickly proved to have a knack for life on the open sea. As a kitten, Trim fell overboard and was able to swim back to the boat and climb up a rope to regain dry ground. Then in 1803 he survived the wreck of HMS Porpoise, keeping the spirits of the stranded men up, only to be imprisoned in Mauritius with Flinders. While we can’t account for the remaining seven lives,…

1 minuti

Editorial MANAGING EDITOR Tim van Duyl PRODUCTION EDITOR Tyler Jefferson DEPUTY EDITORS Adam Jane & Charlotte Long PRODUCTION AND DESIGN MANAGER Danielle Beadman SENIOR DESIGNER Janina Roque DESIGNER Swathi Sankaran CONTRIBUTORS James Nicholls, John Ford, Andrew Norton, Chris Whitelaw, Ben Keys, Kevin Green Photography & Videography SENIOR VIDEO DIRECTOR Anna Shepherd PHOTOGRAPHIC CONTRIBUTORS Matt Williams, Chris Whitelaw, Anna Shepherd, Edward Lo, Salty Dingo Advertising Enquiries HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS Christopher Jefferson 0477 775 020 SENIOR PARTNERSHIPS Serena Prasad 0429 489 615 NATIONAL AGENCY Christopher Jefferson 0477 775 020 Executive Group CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Robert Gallagher CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Matthew O’meara…

2 minuti
hervey bay named world’s first whale heritage site

Queensland’s Hervey Bay has been accredited as the world’s first Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). The historic decision was announced at the WCA’s international summit in early October and marks the culmination of four years’ work by the region’s council and tourism bodies. WCA’s founding partner Clive Martin said, “The award recognises the region’s responsible and sustainable whale watching practices and will highlight Hervey Bay as a leading example for other developing whale tourism sites around the world.” Whale watching is a major tourist drawcard for the Fraser Coast region, attracting about 60,000 visitors each year and injecting an estimated $11 million into the local economy. The new title is expected to position the region as the premier destination for sustainable whale watching and deliver a huge windfall…

1 minuti
aimex appoint new president, vice president

The recent Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) AGM the announcements were made that existing board members Jeremy Spear (pictured) and Peter Dowdney are stepping into the roles of President and Vice President respectively. Spear replaces outgoing president Richard Chapman, who will remain on the board. AIMEX represent the Australian marine export and superyacht industries through their subsidiaries Australian Commercial Marin Group (ACMG) and Superyacht Australia, helping existing and emerging brands to showcase local innovation to a worldwide audience. Spear and Dowdney are both deeply rooted in the industry; Spear having been involved in large-scale marine design projects for more than 30 years and Dowdney having spent 23 years in sales and management roles. AIMEX CEO David Good said “I would like to thank and acknowledge outgoing President, Richard, for his valuable contributions and…

1 minuti
boatigo puts bums in seats

Tech company Boatigo have developed a platform to help boat owners fill their empty seats. Having noticed the trend of Facebook groups that link boat owners to the general public, Boatigo have further streamlined this concept. The new concept allows captains to list their spare seats before heading on a recreational boating or fishing trip for free, and anyone looking for a ride can then book and pay securely via the platform. Boatigo goes live in late December, visit for more information.…