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railroading’s fable in the desert @TrainsMagazine @trains_magazine A big part of success is being capable. Another factor is what people believe you are capable of doing. It’s part of the mythology behind just about every momentous occasion. The transcontinental railroad story that we celebrate this month on its sesquicentennial is like this: Part legend, mostly unvarnished fact. Together, a formidable saga in the American story. In the end, the first transcon was an amazing success that changed the course of not only railroading but the entire nation. As we celebrate the Golden Spike in this issue, we take a fresh look at important elements that are integral to the tale: The big day, the two locomotives, an amazing feat, and the iconic photo. Because railroading is never static, we’re also taking a fresh look at the Utah railroads…

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TRAINS NEWS WIRE Subscribers can access all the latest railroad industry news and updates to stories daily. Photo by Steve Raith TRAINS INSTAGRAM Share your photos and videos with @trains_magazine. Photo by Tom Danneman TRAINS NEWSLETTER Sign up on our homepage for a free weekly email newsletter to learn what’s in our latest issue, watch videos, get hot news, sign up for trips and events, and more. Photo by Todd Halamka TRAINS BLOGS Check out what Trains’ staff and contributors say about railroads and train-watching. Photo by George W. Hamlin Follow us on @trains_magazine Trains Magazine (issn 0041-0934, usps 529-850) is published monthly by Kalmbach Media Co., 21027 Crossroads Circle, P.O. Box 1612, Waukesha, WI, 53187-1612. Periodicals postage paid at Waukesha, Wis., and at additional offices. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to TRAINS, P.O. Box 8520, Big Sandy, TX 75755. Canada Publication Mail Agreement…

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Letter NORTHERN PACIFIC TRANSCON In response to the article, “Main Street of the Northwest” [pages 46-55, March], I love this series on the other transcons. The combination of railroading and conquering the geography of the American West has always fascinated me. I study the routes and try to imagine the perspective of the surveyors as they attacked the Rocky Mountains and the Cascades. Then learning about the development of the necessary motive power, plus the competitions between the visionaries and financiers behind it all. Keep the articles coming! Michael Todd, Haymarket, Va. Social METRA BOARD APPROVES LOCOMOTIVE PURCHASE; SD70MACH MODELS TO COME OUT OF EMD Brilliant move. A.C. motors and radial trucks should cut rail and wheel costs. Mike Del Vecchio, via Facebook Smart economic move by Metra. Hate to see the F40s gone, but these SD70s should…

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Miscalculations Governor says California will scale back its high speed rail plans. Here’s why CALIFORNIA’S high speed rail program failed to win over residents and politicians, leading to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s declaration the project would “cost too much … and take too long” and should be scaled back. Here’s what led to this point. MONEY: Construction bonds approved by voters in 2008 helped win $3.5 billion in federal funds in 2010 for a project pegged at $33 billion. Hopes that equipment suppliers or foreign investors would bridge the gap through real estate or revenue-sharing deals were dashed as growing cost estimates ranged from $66 billion to $99 billion, political support was tepid, and landowner opposition stiffened. TIME: Preliminary planning started in 1997. But the California High Speed Rail Authority failed to meet a 2018…

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INSTEAD OF CONTINUING to build a 520-mile Los Angeles-to-San Francisco high speed railroad now, California will first complete a 160-mile stretch between the Central Valley cities of Bakersfield and Merced, Gov. Gavin Newsom says. He also intends to finish environmental analyses for the full route. Funds will come from the remaining proceeds of a $9.95-billion state bond issue approved by voters in 2008 and a $3.5 billion federal stimulus grant from 2009 — unless the Trump administration requires the latter money to be returned, as Federal Railroad Administration head Ron Batory indicated in a Feb. 19 letter to the state’s high speed rail authority. Where does this leave the project once envisioned as a way to whisk Californians between the state’s two biggest population centers in as little as 3 hours? It’s…

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THE COLLIS P. HUNTINGTON RAILROAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY announced cancellation of its NEW RIVER TRAIN excursions for 2019, citing AMTRAK cost increases, along with the passenger railroad’s power to impose new prices on 60 days’ notice, as primary factors. The society’s general manager said he does not believe this is the end of the excursions between Huntington and Hinton, W.Va., “but it’s goodbye for now.” An Amtrak spokeswoman said the company hoped to retain the charter business but the society decided not to continue “despite efforts to come up with a mutually sustainable plan.” Chase Gunnoe METRA will purchase 15 remanufactured EMD SD70MAC freight locomotives from PROGRESS RAIL for Chicago-area commuter service. The $71 million contract for the locomotives, to be known as SD70MACHs, includes options for up to 27 additional locomotives…