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1,472: steam’s most important number

THE STUDY OF steam locomotives is based on numbers: the year it was built, the diameter of the drivers, the top speed. Those are all fascinating numbers. But the most important number of all in the 21st century is 1,472, the maximum number of operating days (or 15 years) allowed on the boiler before it must be taken out of service for inspections and repairs. The Federal Railroad Administration governs that number, which was set as law 20 years ago, and it is a rule that has generally served the U.S. operating steam locomotive community well. Locomotives come and go under the law as they accrue service days. Case in point is Grand Canyon Railway 2-8-0 No. 29, a 1906 Alco built for the Lake Superior & Ishpeming in Michigan. Trains…

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vegas to vegas on the chief

OLGA LOPEZ HAS A STRATEGY. “Sometimes I don’t know if there will be children, so I have to plan that there will be,” she explains after marking my orange seat check “KNG” for Kingman, Ariz., above window seat No. 3, in the front row of Southwest Chief Superliner II coach 34133. The Los Angeles-based attendant gave aisle seat No. 4 to another man boarding at Las Vegas, N.M., who was headed to nearby Albuquerque. Amtrak management’s 30,000-foot view has repeatedly downplayed the importance of the multi-destination options its cross-country trains provide. President and CEO Richard Anderson told a New York forum in September that his goal is to reduce Amtrak’s 15 long-distance workhorses to “five to 10 experiential trips … that are similar to going to visit a National Park. It’s…

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entrusted with an icon

GILCHRIST IRELAND Project Engineer, Christman/Brinker Corktown Transformation Joint Venture, Michigan Central Station Project. While I was born in West Africa, my family moved to the Detroit area when I was young, and I really think of it as my home. I attended Michigan State University and majored in civil engineering. After I graduated in 2018, I immediately started work for a big design firm in Detroit. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, but I was in the department that designed grocery stores and gas stations, and how many ways can you design a gas station? I looked around, and was lucky enough to get a position with the Christman Co. because I wanted to work on the kind of restoration and rehabilitation projects they did, and the company…

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dot advances plan to permit lng moves by tank car

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is moving forward with a plan to allow liquefied natural gas to move by rail, publishing a notice of proposed rulemaking on Oct. 18 The proposal by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration would allow LNG to move by rail in DOT-113 tank cars. Liquefied natural gas can currently move by truck, or by rail only in a portable tank with approval by the FRA. A DOT press release noted the DOT-113 cars are designed for transportation of refrigerated liquefied gases, and their use is allowed for the transportation of other flammable materials. “This design specification may be similarly suitable for the transportation of refrigerated liquid methane,” the release states. The proposal, a response to an April 2019 executive order…

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compressed natural gas

ORDER YOUR OWN COPY OF LOCOMOTIVE 2019 AT KALMBACHHOBBYSTORE.COM CNGMOTIVE IS BETTING that the industry is ready to try compressed natural gas on the main line, a fuel storage method utilized only in limited rail applications to date. Tender GCNX No. 5001 was built new and its main depressed section is home to 28 compressed natural gas cylinders, while the enclosures over each truck hold a control unit on the B end and pressure reduction system on the A end. It’s designed to supply fuel to two locomotives, one coupled on each end. CNGMotive will deliver its tender to Norfolk Southern for testing. The railroad will have to obtain approval from the Federal Railroad Administration prior to beginning revenue testing between Williamson, W.Va., and the Lamberts Point coal terminal in Norfolk, Va. NS…

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amtrak sets more 2019 records

AMTRAK CONTINUES TO DELIVER ever-increasing performance metrics across its national network, led by an impressive growth in revenue extracted from lesser gains in passenger-miles and ridership (see table). As usual, the 15 trains that travel more than 750 miles (even though most of their passengers do not) led in the passenger-miles category — even though state-supported services and Northeast Corridor Acela Express and Northeast Regional departures are far more numerous. Amtrak doesn’t tout this statistic because doing so wouldn’t fit its narrative that long-distance trains are unwanted anachronisms. The ridership total of 32.5 million is an all-time high; in reality, totals are probably less, because a passenger connecting between trains is counted separately for each ride taken. Ticket revenue also topped all previous years, but it includes money from penalties and trips…