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learning about the basics: track

Jim Wrinn @TrainsMagazine @trains_magazine Trains has always been a publication aimed at a wide audience, but that does not mean that we don’t delve into the details of our subjects. A now retired Class I railroad friend reminded me of a class he took in the 1970s where he received a copy of Trains with a story about how signals work. “Why are you giving us this fan publication?” asked one student. “Because it conveys the information in a way you can understand,” the instructor came back. So it is with this issue, which goes deep into some of the basic building blocks of railroading: tunnels, bridges, and most important of all, track. Our affiliation with the Wheel-Rail Interaction conference, an annual seminar series begun in 1994, has widened our understanding of the science…

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on the web

TACOMA BRIDGE VIDEO See Steve Carter’s documentary about Washington’s Tacoma bridge construction project. Photo by Steve Carter TRAINS NEWSLETTER Sign up on our homepage for a free weekly email newsletter to learn what’s in our latest issue, get hot news, watch videos, sign up for trips and events, and more. Photo by Kevin Gilliam ASK TRAINS Subscribers can find out the answers to questions in our online “Ask Trains” segment. Photo by Bob Johnston TRAINS NEWS WIRE Subscribers can access all the latest railroad industry news and updates to stories daily. Photo by Steve Glischinski Follow us on @trains_magazine…

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anthony b. hatch

ANALYST ANTHONY B. HATCH has been covering railroads since 1985. After 14 years on Wall Street, Hatch founded his New York-based consulting firm in 1998. ABH Consulting provides railroad and freight transportation research to hedge funds, private equity, and institutional investors. Hatch is a frequent speaker at rail and shipper conferences, and is co-founder of the annual RailTrends conference. He was the North American Rail Shippers Association “Person of the Year” in 2019. Q You’ve coined phrases with staying power, like Railroad Renaissance and Cult of the Operating Ratio. Given current trends, what’s the next term you’ll come up with? A Hah — that’s a tough one. And thank you. With all this talk that Precision Scheduled Railroading means only cost cutting, I like to talk about “looking North” to Canada, to…

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congressman wants amtrak to cede chicago station control

THE CHAIRMAN of the House subcommittee that oversees U.S. railroads may try to strip Amtrak of operational control of Chicago Union Station via legislation unless it agrees to relinquish control to Metra, whose commuters make up 90 percent of the station’s passengers. U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-Ill.) has repeatedly called on Amtrak to cede operational control, but has been rebuffed. Citing a litany of problems affecting Metra and Amtrak passengers, Lipinski argued improvements must be made: “I believe the best way to do this would be for Amtrak to give up operational control of the station to Metra.” In a follow-up statement to Trains, Lipinski’s office says “the Congressman is strongly considering adding a mandate in the 2020 Amtrak reauthorization bill that would strip Amtrak of operational control.” Two conditions would need to…

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railroad executives insist psr is a vehicle for growth

AS RAILROADS ADOPTING Precision Scheduled Railroading lay off employees, close yards, and store locomotives and freight cars, executives insist the changes are not a way for the industry to merely cut its way to prosperity. “Precision Scheduled Railroading helps you to fix your costs one time. But it does not really address how you’re going to grow after that,” Canadian National CEO JJ Ruest told the RailTrends 2019 conference in November. “And I think that’s the challenge for the industry. Beyond fixing our costs, beyond having a very efficient railroad, how do we create a product that’s appealing to those actually using the road today?” CN was the first major railroad to adopt the late E. Hunter Harrison’s lean operating model. It’s been the fastest growing of the big systems for the…

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cp buys central maine & quebec

CANADIAN PACIFIC will acquire the Central Maine & Quebec Railway, with plans to upgrade the route to handle premium intermodal and automotive traffic. CP announced Nov. 20, 2019, that it would purchase the 481-mile short line connecting Montreal with Atlantic ports and northern New England — much of it former CP trackage — for $130 million from Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. President and CEO Keith Creel says the deal “gives CP a true coast-to-coast network across Canada and an increased presence in the eastern United States. With additional port access, more dots on the map, and our proven precision scheduled railroading operating model, we are confident this transaction will bring benefits to all stakeholders moving forward.” Chief Marketing Officer John Brooks told the RailTrends 2019 conference that Creel has asked the…