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changing of the guard at amtrak @TrainsMagazine @trains_magazine Richard Anderson’s 3-year tenure at Amtrak will be remembered for his administration’s focus on eliminating federal subsidies to the point of downgrading on-board services, from food to feature passenger cars. It will be remembered for its efforts to break the Southwest Chief into two parts with a bus bridge on some of the train’s best scenery in northern New Mexico. It will be remembered for making it so tough on private-car operators that many just gave up and parked, sold, or donated their vintage cars. Dan Zukowski and Rush Loving explore the Anderson legacy on pages 24-31. That brings us to new CEO Patrick Flynn, who came on board in April. Our wish for Flynn, who comes to Amtrak from a career in air freight, is that he gives Anderson’s agenda a…

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ASK TRAINS Subscribers can find out the answers to questions in our online “Ask Trains” segment. Photo by Tom Danneman TRAINS PRESENTS Follow along and watch all the action in our video series that covers a range of railroad events and topics TRAINS NEWS WIRE Subscribers can access all the latest railroad industry news and updates to stories daily. Photo by Bob Johnston TRAINS BLOGS Check out what TRAINS’ staff and contributors say about railroads and train-watching. Photo by George W. Hamlin Follow us on @trains_magazine…

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Letter CONWAY SCENIC MEMORIES Brian Solomon’s article, “Steam, Stunning Scenery, Ghosts, and a Cat Named Cinders” [pages 32-39, May], on the Conway Scenic Railroad brought back long-faded memories. I hired on as a brakeman and conductor for a summer job in 1977. I recall an elaborate written test of my knowledge of hand signals and whistle patterns, but also learning tasks like how to replace a broken coupler from Dwight A. Smith himself. I was the ticket puncher on several runs, and one passenger told me that I was not acting my part well — I was too polite. And I remember taciturn Wayne Allen who, even as a young man, was an old-school railroader anxious to convey the skills he feared would be lost with the passing of his generation. I missed seeing…

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sonia bot and john orr

IN A WHITE PAPER called “Delivering PSR 2.0 for Entrepreneurial Railroading and its Ecosystems: The Evolution of Precision Scheduled Railroading,” Sonia D. Bot and John F. Orr argue that the railroad industry needs to expand Precision Scheduled Railroading to include short lines and regional railroads, embrace a broader use of technology, and build partnerships across the entire supply chain. Along the way, the railroad industry must become entrepreneurial and better match service to the demands of customers. Bot, CEO of The BOT Consulting Group, has worked at technology, media, and telecommunications companies worldwide, and was instrumental in positive train control implementation on Canadian National’s U.S. lines. Orr, a transportation consultant, is a fourth-generation railroader who came up through the ranks to became CN’s chief transportation officer. With E. Hunter Harrison…

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guelph junction to get new operator

The city of Guelph, Ontario, has placed the operating contract for its GUELPH JUNCTION RAILWAY up for bid, and current operator ONTARIO SOUTHLAND — with an Alco-centric roster — has not submitted a bid. Four operators submitted bids to operate the 24-mile line. MLW locomotives lead a Guelph Junction train on March 25. Stephen C. Host INNOTRANS, the massive international rail-industry trade show held every two years in Berlin, Germany, postponed its 2020 edition after Berlin’s government banned events with 5,000 or more people before late October because of coronavirus concerns. The event, which drew more than 3,000 exhibitors from 61 countries along with 150,000 visitors in 2018, sprawls over 42 exhibit halls and more than 2 miles of display tracks. It was set for Sept. 22-25, but now will be…

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rail could find opportunities in post-virus economy

ECONOMIC FALLOUT from the COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate manufacturing and retail trends that were already under way, providing new opportunities for rail traffic once the health crisis passes. Before the pandemic, manufacturers were beginning to shift production from China to lower-cost countries, including Mexico and those in Southeast Asia. The virus has underscored the importance of supply chains not overly dependent on one country, so some operations may move back to the U.S. or to Mexico. “For sure there are going to be some opportunities to grow out of this crisis,” Union Pacific CEO Lance Fritz says. “One is, we do hear our customers talk about evaluating their supply chains with an eye towards reliability being valued a little bit higher. That means near-shoring or on-shoring some of those supply chains.…