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Transworld Skateboarding July/August 2018

For over 25 years, TransWorld SKATEboarding has showcased the best photography, creative direction, and storytelling in skateboarding. More than just the world's #1 skateboarding magazine-TWS is skateboarding, delivering the best original content to the printed page, computer screen, HDTV, iPhone, and bedroom wall. By skateboarders, for skateboarders.

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beyond the streets

adidas Skateboarding and Beyond The Streets, in partnership with Juice magazine, celebrated Venice Beach’s skateboarding, graffiti and music scene with an invite-only event commemorating the historic reimagined Venice Pavilion installation this past May. There was a skate jam, performances by The Shrine and Excel, and tons of free food and drinks to go around while lucky onlookers watched Venice and Dogtown OGs skate all afternoon. A classic wallride session was going down outside, but the inside was the definitive showcase of street and graffiti art scaling 40,000+ square feet of immersive exhibits and environments. The installation was curated by legendary graffiti artist RISK and features work from iconic artists from the 80s and 90s with appearances from local legends like Jeff Ho, Craig Stecyk III, Jesse Martinez, Christian Hosoi, Eric…

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new balance numeric 420

Straight from the archives, the original “420” silhouette from New Balance is one of Marquise Henry’s favorite shoes to skate. Seeing him skate the shoe so frequently and so well, Numeric saw this as an opportunity to create a slightly altered, made-to-skate version of it with a newly designed outsole that has a more familiar feel for skaters—especially ones who skate New Balance Numeric’s often. And just like that, the NM420 was born. Get your first look here then get yourself a pair at your local shop or online at…

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ryan lay

Ryan Lay is one of the good ones and I’m not just talking about on a skateboard. He’s using his talents on and off the board to give back to his local community while balancing a pro career that could easily make anyone focus on nothing else. But Ryan is not going that route, he’s taking the time to try and make a difference. Here’s how he’s doing it. Give me the background of the Skate After School program you co-founded with Timothy Ward and Bobby Green? When, why? We started the program five years ago with a desire to do something constructive with our time to benefit the community. It initially started with Tim just donating boards to a local community center and then evolved into us teaching the kids how…

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rob welsh

Robert Welsh, aka Wu-Welsh, aka Welshington donned his Check Out in our January 1998 issue—a few months before the Mad Circle dropped Five Flavors, a couple more months before Rob turned pro, and then a couple more months before Giant pulled the plug on Justin Girard’s brainchild. Twenty years later—with a pro run spanning Mad Circle, Aesthetics, Zoo York, Santa Cruz, and Expedition, and a video part catalog including Five Flavors, Ryde or Die, Vol. 1, Free Your Mind, and Fully Flared—I checked in with Rob to get his take on it all and see what he’s been up to since hanging up his pro model in 2016. Read the full interview at Do you remember seeing this? Of course I remember it. As far as the first time seeing it…

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hart pullman

Hart is the definition of a weekend warrior, when he’s not at Whole Foods making sandwiches, he’s making shit happen in the streets. Hart’s a boss! Sponsors: Krooked, Huf, Spitfire Age: 22 Home: Thousand Oaks, California Am who should be pro: Kader Sylla. Best style: Van Wastell. Video you can’t wait to see: Purple film. Recommended reading: Outliers. Fashion don’t: Nyjah’s. Dream sponsor: Whole Foods. First skate video you saw: Static II. First pro you met: Daewon Song.…

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dylan jeffers

I didn’t know too much about Dylan, but once he got on the team for TOPX and I started seeing some of his footage, I actually saw some of myself in his skating. As months went on and I started to see more and more of his footage through social media, I realized I skated nothing like him. He destroys ledges, and I absolutely suck at them. Dylan is a super tech skater with tons of control and smooth style. His flip in and flip out skills on ledges and manuals is epic to watch. Take a second of your time from your Snapchat and Instagram and search his video part Fullbatt on YouTube, you’ll thank me later! Sponsors: Terror of Planet X Skateboards, Holistic Skate Shop, éS (flow), Bones (flow) Age:…