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Transworld Skateboarding September/October 2018

For over 25 years, TransWorld SKATEboarding has showcased the best photography, creative direction, and storytelling in skateboarding. More than just the world's #1 skateboarding magazine-TWS is skateboarding, delivering the best original content to the printed page, computer screen, HDTV, iPhone, and bedroom wall. By skateboarders, for skateboarders.

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don’t be a cool guy

Don’t be a cool guy. Don’t be the guy who thinks he’s super cool just because he’s good at skating. Ever read a book? Don’t be a cool guy. Just because you’re wearing the hottest gear or dressing in the latest trends, does that make you cool? Don’t be a cool guy. Don’t think that smoking weed or drinking beer is a cool personality trait. Anybody can do that. It takes no skill. Don’t be a cool guy. Don’t be the guy saying, “Fuck all those corny sponsors,” but then back your boy when the same sponsors are hooking him up because “he’s just getting his.” Don’t be a cool guy. Don’t be a snake at the skatepark. Don’t be a cool guy. Don’t preach that skateboarding isn’t a sport,…

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(Vibeology is a song by Paula Abdul that was released in 1991; right around the same time that vibing entered skateboarding) I didn’t catch their names, but they knew mine. This was blisteringly clear, as my name was peppering their deadly invectives hurled towards my friends and I. As spot-on as their insults were, I have to admit: I was flattered. Sitting in a cluster on our skateboards, unwittingly engaged in a one-sided game of verbal dodge ball as two older skateboarders hucked blistering insults towards myself and my friends with ominous accuracy, I was both hurt and thrilled that these older guys at least knew who I was. Getting vibed at the skate shop was and is a rite of passage. This, of course, was 1988. Vibing, not yet named, still…

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converse cons sean pablo ctas pro

Although the All Star was created in 1917 as a non-skid basketball shoe, its timeless silhouette has stretched its lifespan far beyond a basketball court and into skateboarding where it’s been since the beginning. Sean Pablo completely deconstructed and customized his new CONS CTAS Pro, slimmed it down a bit and personalized it with some sketches. It’s built with rubber-backed canvas, so you don’t need to trip when it rips and it has that cushy OrthoLite footbed in it so your feet will be stoked. Lace a pair up and see for yourself.…

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the tony hawk foundation

We checked in with our good friend Alec Beck over at the Tony Hawk Foundation to see what they’ve got going on lately and how you can contact them to get the ball rolling on getting your own town a skatepark. But it’s going to take some work on your end, so don’t think it’s just a handout. Community activation is key and Alec is here to let you know how it works. If you want a park, make it happen! How long have you been working at the THF and what is your role? I’ve been the Programs Manager for three years now. I help people with their public concrete skatepark projects. How many people work along-side you? It’s a small outfit of eight people, two of which work in Programs with me. Some…

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kyle walsh

Kyle can do things most cannot. He showed up at my house after grinding a massive triple-kink rail, straight to taking down a three-hour Jesus talk with a Bible Belt babe in Dirty’s after hours. Kyle’s a hero. Sponsors: Dogwood skate shop Age: 21 Home: Bucks County, Pennsylvania Am who should be pro: Corey Glick. Best Style: Tyson Peterson. Video you can’t wait to see: HDeepfried. Recommended reading: I don’t read often unless skate mags count. Fashion don’t: Rolled up condom beanie. Dream sponsor: Toy Machine. First skate video you ever saw: Osiris, Feed the Need. First pro you ever met: Billy Marks, he was playing Cee-lo in the euro gap at Woodward camp.…

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zac gracie

Zac’s a good kid. He’s younger, but can hang with the older guys. His skating is mature as well. He looks great on a board and his trick selection is well thought out. He recently relocated from south Florida to the LA area and is in good hands with the WKND guys. They grow up so fast. Sponsors: WKND, Huf, Brixton, Venture, Spitfire Age: 20 Home: West Palm Beach, Florida Am who should be pro: Trevor Thompson. Best style: Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Brad Cromer, Reese Forbes, Dylan Rieder. Video you can’t wait to see: Next GX1000 project. Recommended reading: Warning labels. Fashion don’t: Colorful camo pants and wearing two different pairs of shoes. Dream sponsor: AirBnB. First skate video you saw: Mind Field. First pro you met: Antwuan Dixon.…