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Travel Guide to California

Travel Guide to California 2018 Travel Guide to California

The Travel Guide to California magazine inspires those interested in traveling to California, with an energetic and stylish take on what California offers. You will experience engaging storytelling, beautiful photography, insider’s tips and resources that will guide your next vacation through California’s diverse tourism regions.

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THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA has 58 counties, whose boundaries are shown on this map. The state’s tourism regions sometimes spill over several counties and in some places jump borders to include portions of counties. The colored sections on the map show where these regions are. INSIDER’S TIP FINE ROADSIDE DINING It’s no secret that innumerable superb dining experiences await on California’s famous coasthugging Highway 1. One excellent find is the Little River Inn on the Mendocino County coast just three miles south of the town of Mendocino. Stop in for Executive Chef Marc Dym’s Dungeness crab cakes, pork osso buco confit or pine nut crusted salmon, and dine in a comfortable atmosphere with big ocean views. Better yet, stay the night!…

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a tale of two californias

This year I had the privilege to visit Yosemite twice during peak season. The famous national park gets five million annual visitors, so I knew traffic would be terribly congested on my trip for Memorial Day weekend. I schooled myself to practice patience and look forward to relaxing at my campsite when the ordeal was over, and it worked. Once I’d parked the car and unloaded, I was set for a relaxing weekend of campfires, hikes in the valley, a climb up the Mist Trail to spectacular Vernal Fall. I didn’t think about traffic again. Later that summer, my 19-year-old daughter and I took a backpacking trip in the Yosemite backcountry. We hadn’t planned much in advance, and when it was time to book a permit we were out of luck.…

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california dreaming

YOSEMITE VALLEY There may be no California landscape more iconic than Yosemite Valley, with its soaring granite cliffs and waterfalls cascading more than 2000 feet to the forests and meadows on the valley floor. Yosemite was first protected in 1864 when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant, and it became a national park including the surrounding forests in 1890 thanks to the tireless efforts of John Muir and others. More than five million people visit each year. THE SEDUCTIVE STATE OF CALIFORNIA is large in every sense of the word. It’s the most populous state in the U.S. and the third largest in terms of geographical size. Its economy ranks sixth in the entire world. When it comes to visitor attractions, California presents travelers with as wide a range of riches…

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a land of immigrants and entrepreneurs

CALIFORNIA LIGHTHOUSES When migration to California began in earnest in the 19 century, lighthouses became necessities to protect ships skirting the rough rocky coast. Many of the lighthouses were remote and hard to reach on land, and the job of keeping the lights burning was a challenging and difficult one, especially in bad weather when they were needed most. Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, above, on the Central Coast near San Simeon, was damaged by an offshore earthquake on December 31, 1948, and had its lantern room and lens removed. The tower was capped off, and in recent years has been renovated and is open for tours. The Spanish Franciscan friar blessing an adobe church at Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá in 1769; the Chilean miner trying his luck panning for gold in…

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surprising cities

MENDOCINO The combination of Victorian and New England-style wood frame homes and the setting on the bluffs at the mouth of the Big River is what put the town of Mendocino, above, on the National Register of Historic Places. Stroll its lanes and breathe the sea air and you won’t want to leave. California’s golden cities—Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego—are celebrated around the world, and rightly so. But the Golden State boasts an engaging range of things to see and do in less-well-known locales, as well. In cities ranging in size from 900 inhabitants to nearly 500,000, a surprising, eclectic menu of food and drink, art and architecture, history and sports is available to visitors. MENDOCINO: Victorian Wonderland Claiming pride of place in hopelessly beautiful Mendocino County, the town of Mendocino is one…

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get outside and play

SPORTS AT MAMMOTH LAKES Mammoth Lakes in the eastern Sierra southeast of Yosemite is a hive of summer activity, whether it be organized charity rides such as Biking Against Cancer, above, or individual hiking, fishing, backpacking or other outdoor adventures. The California ideal of sun, surf and sand has been popularized in decades of film and TV shows, from Beach Blanket Bingo to Baywatch. But visitors to California in the summer can discover even more of the state’s natural beauty heading inland to majestic national parks. Sports Take a walk to the pier in Manhattan Beach in Southern California on any given day and you’ll see surfers whipping around the waves, volleyball players diving in the sand, and bikers and skateboarders rolling along the Strand. Drive the hills near San Francisco on a sunny…