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Web Designer No. 280

Web Designer is the premier magazine for aspiring online creatives and industry professionals. The monthly title offers cutting-edge practical projects spanning XHTML, CSS, Flash and WordPress as well as hosting features and interviews with the web community’s most influential people. Each issue also has a dedicated Industry section covering news and views from the trade, website showcases featuring the finest design talent. Web Designer: Defining the Internet through beautiful design… Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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welcome to the issue

HTML is all around us HTML has been a building block of the web ever since the day it began. Without HTML where would we be? HTML is a much different animal to the one that was knocking around in the Nineties. It has grown with the web and now offers so much more. But using it the right way is what’s important. In our latest lead feature, Matt Crouch looks at the essential elements and APIs that HTML has to offer, why you should be using them and how they should be used in everyday design.Keeping HTML company are its two favourite friends, CSS and JavaScript. Discover a collection that will complement HTML and your builds. Elsewhere we go beyond the traditional confines of the web and look…

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this issue’s panel of experts

“Added in HTML 5.2, is a new, semantic element designed to denote a supplementary, interactive component that displays out of the main flow of the document” Matt CrouchMatt is a software engineer who works for Vidsy in London. In this issue, he takes a look at the 30 best and latest HTML, CSS and JS APIs, as well as elements that make site development easier and standards-friendly. Think you know all that HTML has to offer? You might be surprised by what you find out! Page 44 Paul Betteridge Paul has over 15 years’ experience leading digital organisations and pioneering digital marketing, across a range of competitive markets. In this issue he offers some essential pointers on licking the right keywords. Page 66 Frank Kagumba Frank…

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stat attack google chrome

Aug 2018 59.67 Nearly 60 percent of the global browser market Aug 201754.89 Five percent up on the previous year Aug 201649.82 Still to break the halfway mark Aug 201545.26 Slowest growth in the last few years Aug 201439.53 Getting very close to 40 percent market share Source : (correct as of August 2018) ■…

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when will the web move from 2d to 3d?

Browsing the web brings home how users are still very much operating in a 2D space. There are some beautifully designed sites out there with clever little design tricks that raise them above the rest, but it’s still all very flat. There is no doubt that 2D has its place on the web and it’s here to stay for a good while yet. But, how do we push the web forward? How do designers make that same rectangular viewing space more exciting? Animation and sound have added a different dimension, CSS is looking to break out of the box, but it’s still very much part of the 2D experience.3D is the next obvious evolution and it has been happening for a while, yet it’s still in its infancy. As…

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sites of the month

01. VIITA TITAN Surprisingly simple but smart text effects engage the user. 02. KIKK Festival A spotlight effect reveals what lies beneath the surface. 03. IN FOCUS Click and hold to see new variations of onscreen video. 04. The Blimp Neat interactive 3D effects bring album art to life. Graphics ChocoToy cute A collection of cute and (cuddly?) characters from the very talented ChocoToyStudio. Colour picker KRTPOMix Typesetter Config A condensed, geometric…

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the importance of visual experience

Amit Bhaiya Cofounder and CEO “For online shopping, sight is the strongest sense as messages and visuals are communicated through screens” In recent years, the way people consume online content has become increasingly visual.Today, the visual experience on a website or app has a direct effect on the conversion rate.New Age consumers expect intelligent graphic design and they reward brands that offer high-quality visual experiences. Before getting into the ‘how’ of creating a great visual experience, it is important to understand the ‘why’.People shop with their senses. They touch, feel, taste, smell and see the things around them, and then make purchase and brand trust/loyalty decisions based on the received information. For online shopping, sight is the strongest sense as messages and visuals are communicated through screens…