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Windows Advisor Issue 2

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microsoft surface laptop

Our Surface Laptop review looks at Microsoft’s new notebook in two ways: as a stylish ultrabook, designed and priced to compete with Apple’s MacBook Air for university students’ favour. But it’s also a machine purpose-built for Windows 10 S, which restricts users to Windows Store apps but allows an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. We’ve therefore reviewed the Surface Laptop using its native Windows 10 S. After using the Surface Laptop for several days as a Windows 10 S machine, though, we can already say it does a great job of addressing exactly what students need. For other users intrigued by it, though, we recommend looking a bit further afield, or at least bail out of Windows 10 S early on. An ultrabook with style The Surface Laptop follows in the formidable footsteps…

10 minuti
microsoft surface pro

Set Microsoft’s Surface Pro (2017) next to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, and we defy you to tell the difference. With the same dimensions and weight, the two are virtually indistinguishable – a kickstand that reclines further and a few cosmetic changes are all that separate them. What sells the new Surface Pro, though, is on the inside: a dramatic upgrade to the processor and graphics that propels it to the head of the 2-in-1 class. Microsoft built the Surface Pro around a new 7thgeneration Kaby Lake processor and its associated Iris Plus integrated graphics, and boy, do they shine. Especially in graphics, the new Surface Pro (2017) almost doubles the performance of the two-year-old Surface Pro 4, and challenges notebooks like the original Surface Book and 15in HP Spectre…

8 minuti
protect your pc from ransomware

Ransomware doesn’t sneak into your PC like ordinary malware. It bursts in, points a gun at your data, and screams for cash. And if you don’t learn to defend yourself, it could happen again and again, as the Petya (or NotPetya) outbreak is demonstrating. A form of ransomware similar to a piece of malware called Petya has attacked the Ukraine and other sites around the globe, encrypting files until a ransom has been paid. Researchers, though, have moved quickly to block the spread of the ransomware, also known as Petrwrap, exPetr, Petna and SortaPetya. There’s no real way to remove the Petya ransomware, but researchers have come up with a way to ‘immunize’ your PC, and malware companies are already working to block it. Petya is the second major ransomware outbreak in…

9 minuti
remove malware from an infected pc

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware – even if you have an antivirus program installed. Though other problems such as hardware issues can produce similarly annoying symptoms, it’s best to check for malware if your PC is acting up and we’ll show you how to do it yourself. Step 1: Enter Safe Mode Before you do anything, you need to disconnect your PC from the Internet, and don’t use it until you’re ready to clean your PC. This can help prevent the malware from spreading and/or leaking your private data. If you think your PC may have a malware infection, boot your PC into…

9 minuti
meet the next windows 10: fall creators update

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is coming soon to right some wrongs. Revealed at the company’s recent Build conference in Seattle, the next major version of the operating system fills in some of the missing pieces we lamented in March’s Creators Update, and it makes it easier to work across multiple Windows devices. As the name suggests, Microsoft will ship the OS upgrade late this year. Company executives declined to commit to a specific date, though Microsoft said recently that it will ship Windows upgrades in March and September. As a footnote, Microsoft also revealed that 300 million people use Windows 10 daily, a different usage metric to consider next to the 500 million Windows 10 devices the company revealed previously. If there’s a theme, it’s connection rather than creation. Microsoft…

3 minuti
windows 10 game bar

Microsoft’s Game Bar has picked up some new tricks in the Windows 10 Creators Update. The floating toolbar, which acts like a Swiss Army Knife for capturing in-game exploits, now supports live broadcasting to Microsoft’s Beam service, and provides access to Game Mode for more stable performance. If you’ve yet to check out the Game Bar, here’s everything you need to know. Windows 10 Game Bar basics To summon the Game Bar, just press the Windows key + G. This works in any game – and, in fact, any PC application – with one major caveat: The Game Bar only supports full-screen mode on a small number of games. In most cases, you’ll need to dig into your game’s settings and change the video mode to windowed or full-screen windowed for the…