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Wine Enthusiast Magazine is one of the most respected and quoted authorities in the world of wine and spirits. We feature the hottest trends in everything related to wine. Our seasoned editors do the work for you, with over 700 expert ratings and reviews in each issue. Plus, in-depth features on all aspects of cocktails, spirits, beer, inventive wine and food pairings, trendy recipes, savvy travel features, and more.

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the top 10 wine stories of 2018

1 AN INCREASE IN ATTENTION ON WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY AND FEMALE CONSUMERSFollowing an explosive national conversation and movements like #MeToo, discussions of industry women’s challenges in the wine space became prevalent this year, as did more inclusive reporting on female producers, executives and wine personalities. Major wine, spirits and beer companies took note, implementing on-site gender equality and harrasment training, women’s mentoring groups and ramping up research on female consumers. Not surprisingly, products benefitting women’s initiatives and charities (such as emBRAZEN, Nasty Woman Wines) were also on the rise.2 OREGON IS AN INVESTMENT FOCUS FOR CALIFORNIA HEAVY HITTERSClimate change, wildfires, zoning ordinances, sky-high land prices and overcrowding—all these factors and more may be contributing to a new land rush, as California wine companies continue to focus growth on Oregon.…

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FOODS MADE FOR CABERNET SAUVIGNONTen easy, delicous recipes from steak to duck to even cabbage that stand up to this big, bold red wine.Visit GUIDE TO CHARDONNAYLearn why Chardonnay is the world’s most popular white wine. From crisp and clean to rich and oaky, there’s something for everyone.Visit THE TASTING ROOM IS DEADFind out how California’s traditional tasting rooms are pivoting to more “maker” spaces, nature immersions and places for all-day casual hangs.Visit us @WineEnthusiastIf you haven’t subscribed to our podcast, you’re missing out! Tune in and listen as we explore emerging trends, provide educational tidbits and introduce you to the passionate people behind beverages.…

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out & about: sips and snaps around the globe

Winemaker François Lieubeau, Famille LieubeauSUMMER SIPS SERIESWine Enthusiast partnered with Loire Valley Wines to hold events in Southampton, New York, and New York City, in June and September, respectively. Winemaker François Lieubeau of Famille Lieubeau came from the Loire to attend the events. Eight wines were on hand, along with snacks and a DJ to create a party atmosphere that was perfect for exploring and enjoying these easy-to-love wines.Founder Chris Strieter, Rebuild Wine CountryREBUILD WINE COUNTRY SONOMA COTTAGES GROUNDBREAKINGIn October, W.E. partner organization Rebuild Wine Country and Habitat for Humanity held a commemorative groundbreaking ceremoney for the temporary cottages being built on the Medtronic. These units will be two- to five-year rental homes for people displaced by last year’s Tubbs Fire.W.E. Contributing Editor Matt Kettmann; Producer Jackson Myers; CEO Alison…

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talkin’ ’bout a resolution

DRINK AHEADGOAL RUSHStopping bad habits and losing a few pounds are top of mind at the top of the year. But it’s a lot more fun to focus on expanding your wine repertoire. Here, industry professionals share their resolutions. Tell us about yours with the hashtags #wineresolution and #WETaste.ILLUSTRATIONS BY PETER DONNELLYNew Year’s wine resolutions from the pros will inspire you.“Magnums or bust!”—Matt Tunstall, co-owner/beverage director, Stems & Skins, Charleston, SC“Drink more natural wines and to learn more about veganic farming. I’ve been feeling drawn to returning back to basics, before mass-produced, commercial winemaking took over, and [to] being more in tune with—and connecting closer with—nature.”—Sunny Gandara, wine and PR director/chef sommelier, Vegan Wines, New York City“The obvious resolution for me is to drink more breakfast wine. Light sparklers with…

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saké everyday

In the U.S., the perception of saké has shifted from something ordered solely alongside traditional Japanese meals to a beverage that can adapt to many cuisines. The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) has started offering saké certification, and the beverage now enjoys the sommelier treatment in some restaurants.Saké producers seek to not only cultivate appreciation for the drink in fine dining, but to also forge a place for it in everyday culinary experiences. Its classifications are fairly straightforward, generally determined by how much of the rice grain’s outer bran is polished away as well as factors like added alcohol and filtration practices. Get to know four common saké styles, each of which pairs well with a classic takeout dish.JUNMAI GINJO & PIZZASaké is high in lactic acid, which means…

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crescent dreams

If there’s one recipe that evokes the Christmas spirit, it’s Vanillekipferl. A traditional cookie baked across Austria and southern Germany, these crunchy, melting little crescents offer flavors of vanilla and hazelnut. They take barely half an hour to make and fill the house with the warm scent of festivities to come.VANILLEKIPFERLAdapted from Gebäck für Festliche Stunden (Vehling Verlag, 1991) by Julia Schulenburg9 ounces flour (about 2 cups)3 ounces sifted confectioners’ sugar, plus more, to coat6 ounces unsalted butter, softened1 egg1 teaspoon vanilla extractPinch of salt3 ounces toasted, ground hazelnutsHeat oven to 350˚F. Add ingredients to large bowl, and knead to combine. If dough becomes too sticky, chill in refrigerator.Remove dough from bowl. Roll walnut-sized pieces into balls. Working one at a time, use hands to roll each ball into crescent…