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May 2020

The saying goes that “everyone has a story in them” and it’s the mission of Writing Magazine to help you get yours out. Brought to you by real experts who know what it takes to improve your writing or get published, this monthly magazine is a must-have for all writers. Whether you write fiction, poetry, drama, children’s books, non-fiction or anything else, each issue features tips, practical exercises and real-life advice, that will not only help you get all that creativity onto the paper but also, get your name and profile out into the industry. With writing masterclasses from professionals, industry news, events listings, competitions where you can submit your work for fantastic prizes and real paid writing opportunities, Writing Magazine has everything you need to hone and improve your talents.

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writing magazine

Publisher: Collette Lloyd Email: Editor: Jonathan Telfer Email: Assistant editor: Tina Jackson Email: Senior designer: Nathan Ward Email: Editorial designer: Mary Ward Editorial designer: Rajneet Gill Editorial designer: Jackie Grainger Marketing: Lauren Freeman Advertising sales manager: Sarah Hopton Advertising sales: Louise Clarke Email:…

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Dear Reader I always write this letter as the last thing in each month’s production cycle, my chance to pull the threads together a little and tie off the issue into a neat bow. We’ve been mindful of the coronavirus situation for a while now, but the situation has escalated rapidly as we’re putting this issue to bed. I’ve seen a few posts online about social distancing being perfect for getting that novel written, or to really focus on some writing project or other. It could be, but I’m not going to suggest that should be your priority. We’re all stressed, we’re all under pressure. If writing helps, and it may well do, all the better, but don’t beat yourself up about achieving some kind of target. All you need to do…

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the world of writing

Heavy reading Béla Varga, a 71-year-old book-maker in Szinpetri, a small village in northern Hungary, has gained a Guinness World Record for crafting the world’s largest book. The 346-page volume, which is about the flora, fauna, caves and architecture of the region, requires six people and a specially designed machine to turn the pages. The book weighs 1,420 kilos and measures 4.18m by 3.77m, and Varga, who scaled-up traditional bookbinding techniques in order to make the book, says it was impossible to make it any bigger. He told Euronews, ‘It’s unique not only because of the size but because of the techniques: it was made like ancient codes, with wooden tables from Sweden and with the leather of thirteen cows from Argentina.’ The book has its own website, complete with information about how…

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why didn’t we think of that?

A former mayor of Baltimore found a novel way to make her fortune through self-publishing. Unfortunately it has landed her in federal prison. Catherine Pugh wrote a series of educational children’s books about a character called Healthy Holly, which she self-published. Then, taking advantage of her position as a board member of the University of Maryland Medical System, she got the University to purchase 100,000 Healthy Holly books for approximately $500,000. The books were supposed to go to schools, libraries and child care agencies, but tens of thousands of copies never arrived, while Pugh allegedly used her profits to fund her successful mayoral campaign. Once her crimes were exposed Pugh resigned as Mayor of Baltimore, but now has a new position as convicted felon, being sentenced in February to three years’…

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letters to the editor

Write to: Letters to the editor, Writing Magazine, Warners Group Publications plc, 5th Floor, 31-32 Park Row, Leeds LS1 5JD; email: (Include your name and address when emailing letters. Ensure all letters, a maximum of 250 words, are exclusive to Writing Magazine. Letters may be edited.) When referring to previous articles/letters, please state month of publication and page number. STAR LETTER Short and to the point I might be a young and inexperienced writer, but I know at least one thing for sure: there’s no such thing as not having enough time to write if you really want to. Of course, there are times in every person’s life when they’re so busy they just don’t have the motivation. _ at’s okay too. But today, after dragging myself back home from an evening library session…

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safe and informed

Find out what the SoA could do for you at and get 15 months for the price of 12 with the code WRITINGMAG The SoA has worked with Samaritans on a new factsheet for writers to raise awareness of the sensitivities and risks inherent in writing about suicide and self-harm When the charity Samaritans approached us last year for our support in developing a guide, we were apprehensive. Not about the idea of working on a guide with them – they’re a great charity, and we’ve written scores of guides. They wanted us to collaborate on a guide for authors on writing about suicide, and we were concerned because it might mean doing something that we simply never do – which is to tell writers what they should write, and how…