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Your Home and Garden

Your Home and Garden

October 2020

Your Home and Garden shows you how to create a home that reflects your personal style. From decorating tips to easy DIY craft projects and expert gardening advice, it is packed with inspiring and affordable ideas for when you are renovating, building or simply updating your home.

New Zealand
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life is rosy

Having four children and expecting a fifth might cause most people to put any thoughts of a major home renovation in the too-hard basket. But not Christina and Anders Monberg. They’d fallen in love with a roomy (145sqm) 1930s apartment in Brønshøj on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Despite the extensive renovation that was required, the couple could see exciting opportunities, but with their baby due in just 10 weeks all the work had to be done fast. The couple took possession of the two-level home at the start of June last year and immediately got to work. Walls were moved, new flooring installed, kitchens and bathrooms renovated, and cabinets built and painted throughout the apartment. Astonishingly, in just two-and-a-half months they and their tradies managed to turn the worn-out apartment into…

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shop their style

Colour tips + Neutrals don’t have to be beige and white. Soft pinks, moody blues, grey-green and pale grey make for comforting background colours in the kitchen, living and dining rooms. + Choose deeper, more saturated tones of these pale colours for smaller rooms such as the bedrooms or bathrooms. + Give pastels a contemporary look with matte black detailing and hard materials such as marble and brass. + Burnt umber and navy furniture will bring depth into living spaces where pale hues dominate the walls. The opposite applies for the bedrooms, where bold colours on the walls and softer hues on the bed will create a balanced space. DIY hacks + Transform a standard cabinet into a bespoke piece of furniture with a lick of paint and new handles. + Cane mesh is available from upholstery…

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keep palm & carry on

With architectural plans drawn up and a big renovation about to get underway, most people would consider their property searching days behind them. Not for Auckland interior designer Shelley Ferguson, who, with the aforementioned renovation plans about to be given the green light, spied a house for sale in Birkenhead and couldn’t turn away. “I’m obsessed with real estate and am always looking at the market, I saw this place come up and just fell in love,” she says. The Your Home and Garden alumni – previous editor and then editorial director for the magazine – has an eye for style, fastidiously gleaned over years of poring over house layouts, sourcing products for shoots and conceptualising designs in her head. She immediately saw the potential of the dated blue ’60s home.…

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Travelling to the Pacific for an island getaway might be a few months away, but while we wait for border restrictions to lift it’s time to bring a sweet, fragrant reminder of the tropics into our lives. Whether grown in big pots, planters or in the ground, no tropical resort is complete without highly perfumed plumeria or frangipani. Best grown against a north-facing brick wall, it does best in warm coastal areas north of Auckland, but good results can be achieved if kept in a spot that gets at least six hours of sun a day. The deciduous tree can be grown in most types of soil, but ensure there’s good drainage. If kept in a container, let the plant dry out between waterings to avoid root rot and be sure to…

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lush layers

Since they married 26 years ago, Lisa and Shane McNab have been toying with the idea of opening their garden to the public. Both are passionate gardeners and Shane also works in the horticulture industry, so the Taranaki Garden Festival has always been a yearly treat – but as visitors, not participants. Their busy life just got in the way, Lisa explains. “We never really lost the thought, but it just moved to the back burner while we were raising our three gorgeous girls.” Now their daughters have grown up, the couple have more time to garden. Encouraged by a close friend, they’ve taken the plunge and entered their lovely New Plymouth garden into the Taranaki Garden Festival, which runs from October 30 to November 8. “With everybody basically independent now, it has…

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drop-off zone

Hi Carol, Our garden is in desperate need of a revamp. We’re north-facing, get a lot of sun and the backyard is somewhat exposed. It can also get windy. Our house is near the beach so we have a coastal feel, although we can’t see the sea. We’d like to replace the fence with a natural border that still allows us to see the reserve below. The ground beyond the fence slopes for a metre and then drops away. Is there a way of planting that doesn’t require expensive retaining walls? We also have two maples that aren’t flourishing, so we were wondering if we should remove them. Emily Holden, New Plymouth TIP It’s important to make sure trees and shrubs are as stable as possible when planting on slopes. Before digging the…