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it’s the most wonderful time of the year

…until it’s not. Earlier this year, my husband and I experienced the devastating loss of our daughter through stillbirth. The holidays won’t be easy for us this year. But I still plan to pull down those boxes of Christmas ornaments, decorate a tree and hang stockings—including one for the daughter who is now in heaven. Because decorating for Christmas isn’t just about making your home beautiful (though of course that’s part of it). It’s about participating in the traditions that you and your family have been doing for years—treasuring old memories and creating new ones. When you pull out your favorite box of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments or bake your grandmother’s famous shortbread cookies, you keep the past alive and treasure those loved ones who are no longer with us. So celebrate…

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the almanac

Alternative Gift Wrap Ideas Try these 5 easy-to-use and décor-friendly options under your tree. 1. LUNCH BAGS. Use brown paper lunch bags for small gifts that are oddly shaped. Then decorate the outside of the bag to match the rest of your wrapping paper. 2. NEWSPAPER. Recycle your newspaper by using it as gift wrap. This can look especially cute with a bright red or green ribbon and a cheerful Christmas gift card. 3. CANVAS TOTE BAGS. Include a tote bag as part of your gift, and use it to hold the gifts inside. 4. CRAFT PAPER. Like the lunch bags, brown or white craft paper will give you a neutral base you can use to embellish your gifts to match your décor. 5. FABRIC. If you want to reuse your gift wrap, try wrapping with…

diy hot cocoa bar

Say hello to your new party favorite, the hot cocoa bar. Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or want a warm drink for dessert, it’s easy to pick your favorite cocoa ingredients from this accessible three-tiered stand, designed by blogger Angie Wilson from House Becoming Home. You can “bring it out for holiday gatherings, at a winter wedding, or simply a night with friends/family and lots of hot cocoa,” she says. So gather all the sweets you can; this one’s a keeper. SEE SOURCES, PAGE 128. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • One wood board, 1" (H) x 11 ½" (W) x 43" (L)• Two wood boards, 1" (H) x 1" (W) x 48" (L)• Miter saw or table saw• Sandpaper and sander• Wood glue• Clamps• Carpenter’s square• Tack cloth• Wood stain of choice• Sponge…

christmas creations

Often, the journey into a career as a maker is as creative as the individual. That was true for artist Shena Jenkins, owner of the Etsy shop Crafty Mama Gifts. She started off as a teacher but then decided to stay home with her boys instead. When her boys were in school, Shena found herself with more time, and she started painting letters and words on blocks. “Friends saw them and asked if I could make some for their homes. Later, they started telling me I should open a shop to sell my creations,” she says. “Those blocks turned into plank signs, which then turned into the framed signs I make today.” Shena’s creative passion combined with her business savvy has turned into a successful business, based from her home in…

sweet slipper chair

There’s something elegant and romantic about the name “slipper chair.” It conjures up images of Victorian women in dainty satin shoes, which is precisely how the chair earned its name. In the early 18th century, the slipper chair was frequently found in women’s bedrooms, and was used when the maid helped the woman of the house put on her shoes while wearing her large skirts. But by the 1950s, the slipper chair had broken out of the bedroom, and it currently frequents living and dining areas as well. In the early 18th century, the slipper chair was frequently found in women’s bedrooms and was used when the maid helped the woman of the house put on her shoes.…