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furniture focus

EDITOR’S LETTER I’ve recently brought three pieces of furniture into my home: two new accent chairs, and a vintage coffee table I refinished, painted and created a tufted top for. All three are now in my living room, and make the space both more functional and more beautiful. While the chairs are new and the coffee table is old, it’s the combination of the two that adds character and personality to the space. That’s what good furniture can do for your home—add style, character and livability. Whether you’re looking for new furniture (page 24), vintage finds at the flea market (page 26) or DIYing from scratch (page 16), we’ve got you covered. Take a look at how good furniture layout works with modern farmhouse style (page 100), European farmhouse style (page 82),…


The Best Greenery for Arrangements Not all fresh arrangements need flowers. Especially if your home is all neutrals, greens might be best. Here are our favorites. 1. Eucalyptus. There are many different species of eucalyptus that make beautiful arrangements. Silver dollar eucalyptus has round, shimmery leaves, while baby-blue eucalyptus stands up in tall, thin strands. Seeded eucalyptus has more traditionally shaped leaves, with the addition of seeded branches. 2. Fern. Delicate and lacy, ferns make a great showstopper for arrangements. As with eucalyptus, there are many different types of ferns you can use. Our favorites are leatherleaf fern and maidenhair fern. 3. Myrtle. Myrtle branches are popular greenery for arrangements, and they work well on their own or paired with other greens. This type of branch stands up on its own, so pair it…

5 diy ideas for pressed flowers

1. Framed art. Arrange the pressed flowers into a flat bouquet and sandwich them between two panes of glass within a frame. The transparent art will be both subtle and eye-catching. 2. Bookmarks. This one is classic. Arrange the flowers on a bookmark-shaped paper of your choice; then laminate the piece. You can even punch a hole in the top and add a ribbon. 3. Coasters. If you have any leftover square-shaped tiles, affix pressed flowers to them; then give them a top coat with a craft adhesive such as Mod Podge. 4. Book art. Instead of framing your flat bouquet between panes of glass, attach the flowers to a few book pages instead. Then frame the pages or tape them on the wall with some colorful washi tape. 5. Candles. If you like…

get more online! TOUR THE ITTY BITTY FARMHOUSE Get a peek into the home of Jessica Russell and her darling farmhouse. 7 STEPS TO GET REMODEL READY Join us for this fun email series on how to plan a remodel this year! We’ve got free printables for you too. Head to WHAT IS RUSTIC FARMHOUSE STYLE? Wood, leather and DIYed touches are at the heart of this aesthetic. FABULOUS FLORALS Celebrate spring by learning how to add floral designs to your home. IS GRAY PAINT OUTDATED? Stay in the know with this designer’s insider tips for using gray in your home. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

farmhouse furniture

BUFFET TABLE WE SAY “BUFFET TABLE,” but what we mean is buffet tables, sideboards and credenzas. The terms are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle differences between these three dining room furniture pieces. Buffet Table. The buffet table has long legs, topped by shorter cabinets and drawers. You’ll most often find this piece in the dining room. The original use for it was serving food, as its name indicates. Sideboard. This piece has short or no legs, with cabinets that reach to the floor. Sometimes, this type of piece comes with a hutch on top for displaying fine china and other serveware and glassware. Unlike the buffet table, you can use it in other spaces besides the dining room. Credenza. Similar to the sideboard, this piece has short or slender legs with cabinets,…

to build a flower

Handcrafted and artisan goods are in vogue these days, and paper-based crafts are no exception. Paper is a versatile yet delicate material that lends itself well to creating organic shapes like flowers. In her new book Build a Flower: A Beginner’s Guide to Paper Flowers, Lucia Balcazar has created an impressive and thorough introduction to the art of crafting paper flowers. Get started with this simple project to create a paper Butterfly Ranunculus. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Fine crepe paper (60 g)◦ Color for the petals◦ Black for the center◦ Green for the leaves• 18- to 20-gauge floral wire (cut to 9 inches [23 cm])• Recommended glue: extra-strength glue stick or tacky glue and a brush to apply it• Templates: Butterfly Ranunculus petal, Butterfly Ranunculus calyx, Butterfly Ranunculus leaf (See page 128.)•…