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the value of vintage

My grandmother died when I was in college, so when my family was going through her things, I was in a prime position to take practical items like pots and pans back to school to use in my off-campus apartment. One of the items I took was a set of six water glasses with orange flowers on them. I didn’t know they were special. It wasn’t until later, when I started to learn about the charms and value of vintage collectibles, that I realized they were 1960s Culver Ltd. glasses—a set that will now sell for $100 or more. I cringe when I think back to how my roommates and I all used them for heavy day-to-day use. At least I had the presence of mind to know that we couldn’t…

the almanac

BEST Summer Flower Combinations Ready to display some beautiful summer flower arrangements? Try these combinations. Did you know? Of the almost 2 million farms in the United States, over two-thirds of them report having livestock. The cattle industry represents about $50 billion, while the poultry industries represent about $43 billion. [source:] BEST WINDOWS FOR FARMHOUSE STYLE Replacing your windows? Here are the three best kinds for a farmhouse. SINGLE- AND DOUBLE-HUNG WINDOWS Single- and double-hung windows look similar but have different mechanics. Both open upward, but double-hung windows have two movable sashes, or panels, compared to single-hung windows, which only have one movable part. Double-hung windows are more expensive than single-hung but are also easier to clean and provide better ventilation when you want a breeze from outside. CASEMENT WINDOWS Casement windows open outward rather than upward. They don’t…

get more online! OPEN FLOOR PLAN Get tips on how to design an open kitchen floor plan for your home. SPRING TO SUMMER Learn from Amy Mings how to transition your home from spring to summer décor. DIY KITCHEN RENOVATION Tour a kitchen update in this 1963 home. COLLECTING VINTAGE ART Learn the ins and outs of collecting vintage art to display in your home. CLUTTER-FREE CLOSET Find out how this homeowner took her closet from cluttered to cute. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration! 2020 PAINT SPONSOR Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is an all natural milk paint. Because it is a true milk paint, our paint comes in a powder form that you simply mix with water. You get to mix your own paint, which means you can control the thickness. Use it thick to create texture, thin to use…

rub a dub dub

The freestanding bathtub dates back to the oldest method of taking baths. For most of history, people have either bathed in a natural water source, like a lake or river, or in a freestanding bathtub. But since they didn’t have indoor plumbing, they had to cart buckets of water from the nearest well and dump them into the tub one at a time. If they wanted hot water, they had to boil pots of it. It’s little wonder that people back then bathed less than we do today. The freestanding tub continues to be at the heart of the classic farmhouse look because it’s reminiscent of homesteaders in the 1800s and their simple farmhouses that inspired our favorite style today. SPLISH Splash Freestanding tubs are pretty, but they can also make a mess.…

milk paint makeover

IN COLLABORATION WITH SWEET PICKINS PAINT AND FURNITURE Ready to upcycle an old piece of furniture into a farmhouse beauty? Sweet Pickins makes milk paint, which is a paint made from only six ingredients, including milk protein and all-natural limestone. Milk paint is nontoxic and has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s the perfect paint to do an indoor DIY project, like this dresser makeover. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Furniture (here: vintage dresser) • Screwdriver or drill • TSP or another cleaner of choice • Old rags • Sandpaper and electric sander • Sweet Pickins Milk Paint (color used here: Wildflower) • Optional: Extra Bond base • Paintbrush • Sweet Pickins Oil Wax • Damp paper towels WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. First, remove any hardware you don’t want to paint, such as drawer pulls and knobs, with your screwdriver or drill. Bag them and…

mirror frame solution

Bathroom mirrors without frames feel unfinished. That was exactly the situation that Lisa Huntting was in when she moved into her home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The problem gave her an idea. “I wanted to figure out a mirror frame that was simple and easy to install,” she says. The idea led to her company, Mirror Mate, which makes custom mirror frames. Almost all the frames from Mirror Mate are made in the U.S., and they’re custom, so they come in every shape and size with plenty of options for finishes and styles. They’re also durable enough to stand up to the chemicals we have in our bathrooms. “When we introduce a style, we do durability tests,” Lisa says. “We do them with toothpaste, mouthwash, hairspray and bathroom cleaner, because those…