American Farmhouse Style August - September 2020

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summer sunshine

2020 has seen some strange months, hasn’t it? I and everyone here on the American Farmhouse Style team hope that your home has been a haven of comfort and safety for you and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the weather has transitioned from spring to summer, I’ve found myself spending more time outdoors, gardening or reading on our patio. And despite the strange tree next to our house that always drops its leaves in May rather than October (all over our patio too), spending time in my own outdoor space has offered me a way to escape being inside for a little while and enjoy some sunshine. Whether you’re looking to expand the usability of your home with an outdoor living space or are reevaluating the function of some of…

the almanac

Shade Plants for Your PATIO These plants will do well on your covered porch or patio in containers. 1. FUCHSIA. These shade-loving plants do well in containers, and especially hanging pots, as their bell-shaped flowers hang down from the plant. Water them frequently in hot weather, but make sure the pot has adequate drainage. 2. CORAL BELLS. This is one of those plants you’ll buy for the foliage rather than the flowers. Depending on the variety of coral bells, the leaves can be golden red, green with red edges or even a deep purple. It’s a good drought-tolerant plant too. 3. LENTEN ROSE. Part of the buttercup family (not a true rose), the Lenten rose got its name because it blooms in early spring, around the time of Lent. In addition to being good…

natural ice-pop flavors

Want to make your own ice pops? Here are some of the best naturally delicious flavors. • STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM. Combine a coconut milk base with 3 to 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Pour the mixture into ice-pop molds and add slices of strawberries before freezing.• ORANGE CRUSH. Start with an orange-juice base, add a sprig of crushed mint leaves, and then pour into ice-pop molds. Add slices of oranges before freezing.• KIWI COCKTAIL. Use coconut water as a base, mix with 4 to 5 tablespoons honey and dissolve. Pour into ice-pop molds and add slices of kiwi before freezing.• BLACKBERRY LEMONADE. Start with lemonade as a base; then mix in 1 teaspoon vanilla and a sprig of fresh-crushed basil leaves. Pour into ice-pop molds and add blackberries…

2020 paint sponsor

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is an all natural milk paint. Because it is a true milk paint, our paint comes in a powder form that you simply mix with water. You get to mix your own paint, which means you can control the thickness. Use it thick to create texture, thin to use as a wash or a stain or use as directed on the bag to get a variety of looks. Milk paint is unlike any other paint - it naturally resists some pre-finished surfaces and chips, flakes and crackles. This results in an authentic time worn, farmhouse look that is not easily duplicated by other paints. Although this is one of the things we love most about our milk paint, you can add our Extra Bond product into your…

get more online! FARMHOUSE BATHROOM MAKEOVER Tour the makeover of this master bathroom from its original 1980s builder-grade look to its new custom country style. RED BARN HISTORY Why is red such an iconic color for the American barn? Find out the history of this American staple. QUILTING WITH THE KIDS Discover these fun quilting projects you can do with your kids this summer. CHOOSING SIGN ART Sign art is a staple in the modern American farmhouse. Learn how to choose the right piece for a place in your home. DIY GOAT CHEESE Interested in making your own goat cheese? Whether or not you raise goats, this guide will show you how. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

mudroom storage

• STORAGE. Need cubbies for shoes and bins for school essentials? If your family uses the entryway or mudroom as a dumping ground, you’ll want plenty of storage in the space. You can either get a set of lockers or a hall tree, which is a combination of storage and seating. If shoe storage is your primary usage, you probably don’t need a full hall tree—instead, use a shoe cubby or cube storage with a basket for each member of the family.• SEATING. If your entryway or mudroom serves primarily as a space to take shoes on and off, and you don’t store much in the space, you could go with a simple bench, rather than a full hall tree or locker set.• PAPER ORGANIZATION. Do you tend to dump…