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falling in love

The first time I truly experienced living through the season of fall was when I was in college, studying abroad at Oxford University. Having grown up in Southern California, where fall is a concept rather than a reality, I was stunned by the daily occurrences of crisp, cold air, getting to crunch through fallen leaves on my way to lectures, seeing the bright reds and oranges of fall foliage and enjoying hot drinks that really did chase the cold away. I’m back home now, where 90-degree September days mean that there’s no cold to chase away when pumpkin spice lattes appear on coffee shop menus. So I’ve learned to recreate my own version of fall instead, through fall-scented candles, autumn flower bouquets, pumpkins on my front porch and cozy plaid accents. Whether…

perfect pumpkins

1. BABY BOO PUMPKIN These miniature white pumpkins are adorable and work as a great décor accent for a home with any color palette. They’re widely available during the fall season (try your local grocery store or a specialty store like Trader Joe’s), so stock up on them and place them all around your house to add festive cheer. 2. PORCELAIN DOLL PUMPKIN Also known as pink pumpkins, porcelain doll pumpkins are pastel in color and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This is a great pumpkin option for decorating larger areas if you don’t want orange in your home. Stack them up in the entryway, or use one in your dining table centerpiece. 3. JACK BE LITTLE PUMPKIN Another great miniature pumpkin, this one is the traditional orange color. Miniature pumpkins are…

diy dried flower bouquet

•FLORAL FOCUS. Pick one or two flowers to use as the focal point for your bouquet. A few standout flowers that dry well include hydrangeas, roses, larkspur and sunflowers. • FLOWER FILL INS. Pair your focal points with additional medium-sized flowers that work well in shape, size and color with your focus flowers. Keep in mind that most flowers fade as they dry. For your filler flowers, try lavender, straw flowers, sea holly and globe thistle. • SMALL ACCENTS. Round out your bouquet with small flowers you can use here and there to fill in gaps in your bouquet. Good flowers for this job are baby’s breath, statice, wax flowers and Queen Anne’s lace. • GREENS. …or in this case, browns. Just as in a live bouquet, you’ll want greens to drape along…

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diy chippy mantel

IN COLLABORATION WITH SWEET PICKINS MILK PAINT Mantels don’t have to be connected to working fireplaces to be a decorating opportunity in your home. Sweet Pickins Milk Paint is our 2020 paint sponsor, and milk paint is the perfect type of paint to use on a furniture upcycle. Not only is it nontoxic and environmentally-friendly, but it’s also easy to manipulate into looking old and chippy. “A true milk paint like ours is the only type of paint on the market that will naturally chip and flake off as it resists some surfaces, creating the perfect chippy and crackle finish,” says Sausha Khoundet, owner of Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. There are a variety of finishes you can pick for your milk paint that will enhance that old look or protect the paint…

diy felted wool pumpkins

These festive bright orange pumpkins are the perfect accessory for your fall décor. This upcycling project uses a dollar-store pumpkin, felted wool and glue. The entire project costs about $5 (it’s even cheaper if you shop your closet) and takes only an afternoon to finish. Here’s the step-by-step on how to create your very own felted wool pumpkins. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Wool sweaters in brown and orange • Washer and laundry soap • Small StyrofoamTM pumpkins (check the dollar store) • Fabric scissors • Fabric glue or hot glue gun and glue WHAT YOU’LL DO: 1. Start with orange and brown wool sweaters. You may have one in your closet, or you may find one around the corner from you at a thrift store. Just pick your shade of pumpkin orange (or even another pumpkin-friendly color) and head…