American Farmhouse Style February - March 2021

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new beginnings

New years are always bright, hopeful and filled with new plans. Usually I’m bubbling over in January with home improvement ideas for my own home, but this year looks a little different for me because my husband and I just welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family at Thanksgiving! I’ll be taking a brief hiatus to enjoy newborn snuggles and endure sleepless nights (all worth it, of course). In the meantime, my amazing colleague Kelly McMaster will be steering the American Farmhouse Style ship, and you’re in good hands. So while we’re fresh and hopeful at the beginning of the year, it’s a good time to get thinking about home improvement. What do you want to update this year? Maybe it’s replacing those drafty windows that make your electricity bill…

the almanac

4 Questions to Ask While Decluttering 1. Why am I keeping this? If the item falls into the “I might need it someday” category, get rid of it. Those “maybes” translate over time into clutter. However, if you have a specific use for it and you know you’ll need it within the next few months, feel free to keep it. 2. Have I used this in the last year? This applies best to functional items like clothes and kitchen utensils. If you haven’t used it in the last year, evaluate whether you’re likely to use it in the next six months. If the answer is still no, give it away. 3. Do I still like this item? Make sure you’re not keeping items you’ve grown away from. Really look at your décor—maybe even…

get more online! VISITING FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE Our 2021 Project House is in Franklin, Tennessee, and we’ve gotten insider tips on the best places to visit for farmhouse and vintage décor enthusiasts. FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE TIPS Become an expert online thrift and vintage shopper with these tips for buying and selling on Facebook Marketplace. UPCYCLING APRONS Try one of these fun ideas to give an old apron a second chance at life. VALENTINE’S DAY DÉCOR Find inspiration for the sweetest holiday of the year with these Valentine’s Day décor ideas. HOW TO TRANSITION YOUR HOME FROM CHRISTMAS TO WINTER Feeling the post-holiday blues? Keep a seasonal spirit in your home décor this winter without the Christmas frills. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration! PHOTOGRAPH BY BRET GUM; HOME OF CHRISSIE ROUSE. PHOTOGRAPH BY KAREN PALMER; HOME OF JO SHETLEY…

diy staircase railing makeover

A little paint can go a long way toward updating your home, and the same is true for your staircase. This is one of those DIY projects that will take a lot of time and elbow grease, but the results are well worth the effort. Please note that these instructions are for staining the railings and painting the balusters of a wood staircase. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Tarps and painter’s tape • Gloves • Cabinet cleaning wipes • Stripper (we recommend the nontoxic CitriStrip; see the sidebar to determine if you need it) • Plastic scrapers (only needed if using stripper; don’t use metal scrapers) • Mineral or stripper wash (optional) • Sandpaper or block at 150–220 grit • Foam or high-quality bristle brush, or lint-free cloth • Wood conditioner (optional; best…

sand or strip?

Here’s the bottom line: It’s always best to completely remove the old finish by stripping, then sanding. This will allow the new stain to saturate the wood evenly. However, you can get away with just sanding, then staining over the old stain, under the following conditions: 1. Your new finish will bond with the old finish. Typically, oil-based stains and water-based stains are incompatible. 2. Gel stains boast that they can go over a current stain under specific conditions. Follow the directions on the label. 3. An all-in-one stain + poly can go over other finishes in much the same way you cover other finishes with a regular polyurethane. Just consider it a tinted polyurethane.…

house with a view

Stairways can be an artistic statement piece, if you do it correctly. Viewrail can help you get there. The family-owned and-operated company is based in Goshen, Indiana, and is the leading manufacturer of modern stairs and railings in the U.S. They make floating stair systems, along with railings made of glass, rods or cables. Rod railing is currently their most popular look, though “glass railing is growing quickly in popularity,” says Len Morris, owner of Viewrail. Viewrail believes in controlling the manufacturing process to ensure both quality and timely delivery. They focus on developing new designs to lead the industry in modern stairway and railing concepts. Plus, a new staircase can actually increase the value of your home. “We’ve heard from builders and developers that, when installed in a model, our…