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kitchen and bath basics

EDITOR’S LETTER First, thanks to all of you for your well wishes and prayers while I was on maternity leave! My husband and I are thrilled to welcome a beautiful baby girl into our family and have been enjoying the baby cuddles and smiles. The sleepless nights didn’t last too long either—thankfully, she’s a great little sleeper. I’m excited to return for our kitchens and baths issue, because I’ve personally been in the remodel phase for these spaces in my own home. Our house was built in 1988 and was full of 30-year-old builder-grade basics when we moved in. We’ve been slowly renovating the spaces to be more functional (hello, faucets that don’t leak!) and match our stylistic tastes. We renovated our kitchen in 2018, a powder room in 2019, and we’re…

the almanac

5 Summer Flowers FOR A CUTTING GARDEN 1. ZINNIAS. These flowers come in a variety of bright colors. They have long-lasting blooms and will flower from late spring until late summer.2. QUEEN ANNE’S LACE. Also called Bishop’s Lace and wild carrot, this is a great cutting garden flower because it can fill out your bouquets alongside the more colorful flowers. Queen Anne’s lace is also a good plant to grow from seed.3. SUNFLOWERS. Easy to grow, bright and beautiful, sunflowers can be the star of your cutting garden. Make sure to give them full sun, and they’ll give you long-lasting summer blooms.4. PURPLE CONEFLOWERS. These flowers not only are perfect for a cutting garden, but will attract bees and butterflies before they grace your table.5. BLACK_EYED SUSANS. These flowers are fun…

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HAVE FARMHOUSE, WILL TRAVEL The Florida coastline is home to darling towns with amazing antiques and vintage shopping. Check out some of our favorite spots to shop. COLLECTING VINTAGE BOTANICAL PRINTS From individual prints to collections in books, these beautiful vintage collectibles are a perfect match for farmhouse style. Find out how to collect them. HOW TO DESIGN MULTIPLE BATHROOMS Wanting to design all the bathrooms in your house? Here are expert tips on how to create a cohesive feel throughout your house, while also giving each bathroom its own identity. BEAUTIFUL INDOOR PLANTS TO GROW Love the look of house plants? Try growing some of these favorites that have great style too. HOW TO REPAINT YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS Looking to update your kitchen without breaking the bank? Get the full details on how to repaint your kitchen cabinets…

safe zone

Pie safes have protected baked goods for centuries, but they weren’t created just for pies. They were originally made in the early 1700s to hold all types of perishable food, especially items that needed to cool after baking. Pie safes often have characteristic tin panels punched with small holes, generally in a pattern. The tin panels usually double as doors but occasionally are installed along the sides of the cabinet. Their purpose is to encourage air circulation while also keeping out vermin and insects. Pie safes are either freestanding on four elevated legs (to further discourage critters) or countertop units that can sit on the kitchen work surface. As food storage shifted to the icebox in the late 1800s, pie safes lost their primary function. While they can still be used…

vintage pie safe purchase

• HAND OR FACTORY PUNCHED. One element that can impact the value of a pie safe is whether the tin holes were punched by machine or by hand.• PATTERNS. When the tin is punched into an image like an eagle or star, this can also impact its value.• CONDITION. Even if the tin is rusted or has been painted, there is an excellent chance it can still be restored with a bit of work. Carefully clean the tin with extra fine steel wool and water. Use pipe cleaners for the holes.• CHIPPING PAINT. Many pie safes were painted with milk paint, which seeps into the wood. Stripping milk paint is a much more complicated process than traditional paint, so it may be better to leave it.…

kitchen cozy