American Farmhouse Style August - September 2021

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I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN, in particular because my grandfather was one. Professionally, he was an illustrator and toy designer—if you played with Barbies in the 1980s or ’90s, you may have had a Barbie house or car he designed (he also illustrated the original See ’n Say toys in the 1960s). But on the side, he was a woodworker and all-around Renaissance man. He could make pretty much anything, and the care and attention he gave to each lamp, piece of furniture or wall art he created made the pieces irreplaceable treasures—the kind of treasures that make it onto my family’s fire evacuation list. And that’s one of the goals of curating your home, isn’t it? To invest in quality pieces that will last for years and make…


SUMMER DECORATING MOTIFS Use one of these farmhouse-friendly motifs to add fresh vibes to your home this summer. 1. FRUIT. Don’t use all fruit—just pick one. Lemons are the most popular farmhouse summer motif, but you can also use oranges, watermelon, cherries or peaches. These are especially fun to add in the kitchen through hand towels, bowls and glassware.2. AMERICAN FLAGS. Use a red, white and blue color palette as a starting point; then add stars and stripes wherever you can. Try an American flag throw pillow, stars-and-stripes bunting or red-and-white checkered placemats.3. SUNFLOWERS. These flowers can be a great focal point for your floral arrangements, but also add them in other ways, such as kitchen towels, a front-door wreath, throw pillows and wall art.4. HONEY BEES. A honey bee motif can…

get more online! AIRSTREAM DREAMS Tour this vintage Airstream trailer, decked out in flea-market farmhouse style. LEMONADE STAND LUNCHEON Check out this fun luncheon inspired by summer’s quintessential childhood memory: a lemonade stand. THE BEST METAL FINISHES FOR FARMHOUSE STYLE Whether you want to keep the same metal finishes throughout your house or mix and match, here are our favorite picks for farmhouse style. DREAM HOME IN GEORGIA Tour this custom home in Georgia with all the fun farmhouse details … and horses too. FUN WALL PANELING IDEAS TO TRY From shiplap to using old ceiling tins to line a wall, there are so many options when it comes to adding wall interest. Try these fun ideas. Follow us online on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest for daily inspiration!…

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It seems like everyone has picked up a hobby (or maybe three) during the last year, but hobbies take up space. Enter Create Room, which provides storage and organizing solutions that can change your craft life. Founded in 2005, Create Room has an all-in-one solution to the messy craft room that is all too common for DIYers. Yvonne, the founder of Create Room, understands the innate desire to create, the importance of organization and the comfort of having a creative space in your home. Yvonne also understands the importance of perseverance when things get rough. After she founded Create Room, tragedy struck when the company’s warehouse caught fire. “Everything burned to the ground,” she says, “leaving behind a lot of uncertainty about the direction and survival of the company.” But Yvonne…

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Sometimes, furniture making just runs in the family. Did you know that America has a long and rich history of furniture making? The colonists couldn’t bring much furniture over from England, so from the start, we’ve been making our own pieces here. Americans have always produced beautiful and functional furniture, and Sherrill Furniture is based in the heart of American cabinetmaking: Hickory, North Carolina. The company, in its third generation of family ownership, has been family owned since 1945. Sherrill specializes in furniture that is customized, comfortable and, yes, beautiful. The factories for their nine brands are all in the Hickory area, where they work with local craftsmen who bring that handmade quality to each piece. “We are very fortunate to have a workforce of skilled technicians who combine time-honored manufacturing…

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Quality textiles are central to the coziness factor of your home, whether that’s a blanket to wrap up in while you watch TV or the sheets you use for your own bed or your guest room when visitors come. American Blanket Company is based in Fall River, Massachusetts, and specializes in providing quality home textiles. “We take pride in making the best bedding products available, right here in the U.S.,” says Kimberly McGee, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at American Blanket Company. You know that luxurious feel of soft fleece blankets? American Blanket Company produces these as throws, bedding options and even scarves. “We offer personalization on almost all of our products, and we also offer beautiful gift boxing,” Kimberly says. These would make a lovely wedding gift or a…