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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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palestinians to get 3g in west bank, after israel lifts ban

Palestinians in the West Bank are finally getting high-speed mobile data services, after a yearslong Israeli ban that cost their fragile economy hundreds of millions of dollars, impeded tech start-ups and denied them simple conveniences enjoyed by the rest of the world. Palestinian cell phone providers Wataniya and Jawwal are expected to launch 3G broadband services in the West Bank by the end of this month, Palestinian officials said, after Israel assigned frequencies and allowed the import of equipment. “It’s about time,”Wataniya CEO Durgham Maraee said of the anticipated launch, speaking to media at company headquarters in the West Bank last week. “It has taken a very, very long time.” The belated move to 3G comes a decade after Palestinian operators first sought Israeli permits and at a time when faster 4G…

movies & tv shows

Battle of the Sexes Battle of the Sexes portrays the true events of the 1973 tennis match between World number one Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and ex-champ and serial hustler Bobby Riggs (Steve Carell). FIVE FACTS: 1. Emma Stone was initially cast as Billie Jean King but was forced to pass on the role due to scheduling issues. Brie Larson was then tapped to replace Stone, but after a few months, Larson dropped out. Once Stone’s schedule was cleared she was able to take back the role. 2. When riding in the car, King and Marilyn listen to an Elton John song. By 1974, Elton John and King had become friends, and he co-wrote his hit single ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ as a favor to her. 3. Emma Stone’s middle name is also ‘Jean’. 4. The movie…


Camila Camila Cabello Camila is the eponymous debut studio album by Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. After the success of the lead track ‘Havana’, Cabello has succeeded in creating an album that is deeply personal, with break-up ballads like ‘Something’s Gotta Give’that doesn’t fail to hold back on emotionally-charged lyrics. As a testament to her voice, production is limited, and instead, she’s accompanied by pianos and acoustic guitars that make it an album that, while Latin influences are obviously there, still manages to be gently experimental. FIVE FACTS: 1. The project was initially announced as The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. before being changed to simply Camila. 2. The album was executive produced by Frank Dukes with additional work from Skrillex and The Futuristics. 3. Cabello first rose to fame as a member of the girl…

illinois lawmakers form subcommittee for digital currency

Illinois lawmakers have formed a subcommittee to explore state policies over decentralized digital currencies like bitcoin. The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation doesn’t consider digital currencies valid. But some lawmakers believe digital currencies and blockchain technology may have benefits that could make state government more efficient. Rep. Mike Zalewski of Riverside will chair the House subcommittee. Zalewski told the State Journal-Register that his goal is to understand whether a digital currency would be a worthy investment or a risky gamble. “As lawmakers, we all want government to run more efficiently and transparently,” Zalewski said. “Distributed ledger technology has the promise to do just that — replace old antiquated systems with a modern approach to serving citizens’ needs.” He said he hopes the subcommittee can create a policy that puts consumers first. Digital currencies…

quantum speed limit may put brakes on quantum computers

Over the past five decades, standard computer processors have gotten increasingly faster. In recent years, however, the limits to that technology have become clear: Chip components can only get so small, and be packed only so closely together, before they overlap or short-circuit. If companies are to continue building ever-faster computers, something will need to change. One key hope for the future of increasingly fast computing is my own field, quantum physics. Quantum computers are expected to be much faster than anything the information age has developed so far. But my recent research has revealed that quantum computers will have limits of their own – and has suggested ways to figure out what those limits are. THE LIMITS OF UNDERSTANDING To physicists, we humans live in what is called the “classical” world. Most…

vr headsets: a breakthrough in augmented reality

At CES 2018, which took place in Las Vegaslast week , HTC unveiled a brand new headset as part of their virtual reality line. Although the HTC VIVE Pro hasn’t brought with it an entirely new generation of VR hardware, it has proven to be an impressive upgrade from those already on the market. The three days at CES saw a huge progression in the field of VR, with demonstrations that highlighted the potential to improve even some of the more high-end VR technologies. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VR AND AR? Before we go any further, it might be a good idea for us to firmly establish the difference between VR and AR as many people still tend to get the two confused. A virtual reality (VR) headset is hardware…