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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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albuquerque police have hush-hush cellphone-tracking devices

The Albuquerque Police Department is among numerous U.S. law enforcement agencies using highly secretive technology that can track the whereabouts of crime suspects by using signals emitted by their cellphones. The Albuquerque Journal reports that documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico following a lawsuit against the city indicate Albuquerque police have had at least two of the tracking devices for the last six years. Former Mayor Richard Berry’s administration withheld information about the trackers but Mayor Tim Keller’s administration recently released the documents to the ACLU, which agreed to dismiss the lawsuit. Purchasing agreements with the FBI restrict information that police can release about the devices and their use. Other cities were police use cellphone trackers include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas.…

amazon go execs share insights into shopper behavior

A key executive behind Amazon Go, the online leader’s much heralded cashier-less grocery store, says she was surprised at how many customers were hesitant to just walk out the store. “What we didn’t necessarily expect was how many people would stop at the end on their first trip or two and ask, ‘Is it really OK if I just leave?’” said Gianna Puerini, vice president of Amazon Go, which opened in January in Seattle. That was one of the insights she and another executive shared at Shoptalk, a retail industry event that kicked off its four-day run Sunday. Puerini also noted that the best-selling item has been chicken sandwiches. Other popular items include meal kits and fresh fruit. Puerini said the store is geared toward people who are hungry or in a rush.…

can self-driving cars withstand first fatality?

The deadly collision between an Uber autonomous vehicle and a pedestrian near Phoenix is bringing calls for tougher self-driving regulations, but advocates for a hands-off approach say big changes aren’t needed. Police in Tempe, Arizona, say the female pedestrian walked in front of the Uber SUV in the dark of night, and neither the automated system nor the human backup driver stopped in time. Local authorities haven’t determined fault, and federal transportation authorities say they won’t release any findings on the crash until their investigation is complete. Current federal regulations have few requirements specifically for self-driving vehicles, leaving it for states to handle. Many, such as Arizona, Nevada and Michigan, cede key decisions to companies as they compete for investment that will come with the technology. No matter whether police find Uber or…

box office top 20: ‘black panther’ bests ‘tomb raider’

The MGM-Warner Bros. reboot “Tomb Raider” couldn’t dethrone “Black Panther” at the weekend box office in U.S. and Canada theaters, as Ryan Coogler’s superhero sensation stayed No.1 for the fifth straight weekend. Disney’s “Black Panther” grossed $26.7 million in ticket sales over the weekend, according to final studio figures Monday. In five weeks, “Black Panther” has steadily climbed up the ranks of biggest modern blockbusters, with $605 million thus far domestically. Not since 2009’s “Avatar” has a movie topped the box office five straight weekends. “Tomb Raider,” starring Alicia Vikander, failed to rekindle the dormant video-game franchise. The $90 million film debuted in second with $23.6 million. But it fared better overseas, where it grossed $84.5 million, including $41.1 million in China. The surprise of the weekend was the Lionsgate-Roadside Attractions Christian drama…

want to avoid the flu while flying? try a window seat

Worried about catching a cold or the flu on an airplane? Get a window seat, and don’t leave it until the flight is over. That’s what some experts have been saying for years, and it’s perhaps the best advice coming out of a new attempt to determine the risks of catching germs on an airplane. It turns out there’s been little research on the risks of catching a cold or flu during air travel. Some experts believed that sitting in a window seat would keep a passenger away from infectious people who may be on the aisle or moving around. The new study, published this week, came to the same conclusion. For somebody who doesn’t want to get sick, “get in that window seat and don’t move,” the study’s lead researcher, Vicki Stover Hertzberg…

with vikander leading, ‘tomb raider’ isn’t half bad

In “Tomb Raider ,” which has elements of “Indiana Jones,”“Batman” and even “Tron: Legacy,” but with an angsty young woman at the center instead of an angsty young man, Alicia Vikander takes a lot of beatings. She is punched in the face, and in the stomach, she is thrown against rocks and sent careening through a forest, she is impaled, hit by a car, left in an impossible one-handed dead hang at least four times, and she is choked, really choked, by both men and women alike. And she pulls it off! The movie itself is another, more complicated, story, but this video game adaption is better than most with set pieces that are both fun and ridiculous (like a high-stakes escape room) that actually seem to approximate the experience of…