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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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the future of the iphone digital wallet

Formerly known as Passbook, Wallet is Apple’s answer to digitizing cards. With it, the credit cards, debit cards, transport tickets and even loyalty cards that are weighing your wallet or purse down can all be turned into virtual versions of themselves so that you can easily access them anytime, anywhere. Plus, with the addition of Apple Pay, you can easily pay for your next coffee without having to find the correct change. With this year’s WWDC drawing closer , rumors are now beginning to circulate about what Apple might have in store not only for iOS 12 but for the way that it allows users to interact with their digital wallet in the very near future. FROM PASSBOOK TO WALLET When you’re in a hurry, it can be frustrating to trawl through your…

amazon: echo device sent conversation to family’s contact

An “unlikely” string of events prompted Amazon’s Echo personal assistant device to record a Portland, Oregon, family’s private conversation and then send the recording to an acquaintance in Seattle, the company said last week. The woman told KIRO-TV that two weeks ago an employee of her husband contacted them to say he thought their device had been hacked. He told them he had received an audio file of them discussing hardwood floors, she said. In a statement, Amazon confirmed the woman’s private conversation had been inadvertently recorded and sent. The company said the device interpreted a word in the background conversation as “Alexa” — a command that makes it wake up — and then it interpreted the conversation as a “send message” request. “At which point, Alexa said out loud ‘To whom?’” the…

after amazon echo misfire, ways to protect your own privacy

Revelations that an Amazon Echo smart speaker inadvertently sent a family’s private conversation to an acquaintance highlights some unexpected risks of new voice-enabled technologies. According to Amazon, the fault was an “unlikely” series of inadvertent vocal cues that triggered the speaker, caused it to begin recording and then led it to interpret subsequent conversation as a “send message” request. There’s no way to eliminate these sorts of privacy risks short of unplugging entirely. But you can minimize the odds of unpleasant privacy surprises with these tips: — KILL THE MIC: Most smart speakers have a physical button to disable the microphone, so a private conversation can’t be recorded to begin with. You can hit that when you’re having sensitive conversations. The button on the Echo will turn red; other devices have similar cues.…

hands-free driving law to take effect june 1

State Police Sgt. Greg Cunningham wants you to know that starting Friday, you’re going to get a ticket if a trooper spots you holding your phone while driving. The state passed a hands-free-driving law last year that takes effect June 1, and state officials and law enforcement have been working to make sure Rhode Island drivers are aware of the new rules. Drivers will no longer be able to hold their cellphone to their ear, or in front of their face, or really at all. “Leave the phone alone,” Cunningham said. “It’s that simple.” Those behind the wheel can still talk on the phone with Bluetooth or other hands-free technology, but they’re allowed to use their hands only to activate or end a call. If caught, drivers will face a fine up…

apple and valve: a dream gaming collaboration

THE FUTURE OF MOBILE GAMING Mobile gaming is big business. Smartphone gaming apps account for $50 billion of the $115 billion gaming market, with 80% of all AppStore revenue coming from gaming releases alone. It all started back in 1997 when Nokia shipped the Snake game with its mobile phones, and ever since, consumers have been looking for new ways to relax and unwind with a new gaming distraction. For Apple, gaming is one of the biggest selling points for its iPhone and iPod Touch ranges, with the Cupertino firm regularly developing more advanced hardware designed to take gaming to the next level. But despite super-powerful A11 chips and new developments in augmented reality, PC gaming is still king, with new titles such as Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter: World and State…

kansas testing drones for designing roads

Kansas transportation officials are beginning a pilot project to determine how drones could be used in future road design work. The Topeka Capital-Journal reports that last week marked the first time the Kansas Department of Transportation has employed drone technology in conjunction with a road project. The department has contracted the Kirkham Michael engineering firm to operate the fixed-wing drone back and forth above part of the US-75 highway in northern Jackson County. The device is equipped with a still camera that takes hundreds of images of the terrain below. The Transportation Department is looking at making US-75 safer between Holton in Jackson County and Fairview in Brown County. The department and the engineering firm are collaborating on the project and will survey and design a passing lane and 2-mile section of US-75. There…