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the doctor will scan you now

RUNNING LIKE CLOCKWORK As Apple are about to unveil the fourth generation of the Apple Watch, we at Apple Magazine are going to consider what Apple’s broader strategy for the device is going to be – why all the health and wellbeing apps and sensors are working together to produce a truly holistic snapshot for the individual user and what Apple’s ultimate vision for this information can be. From 2002 to 2004 , Apple Design Chief Jonathan Ive and other members of the design team were ordering lots of high-end Nike sports watches. At first Nike thought they appreciated great design and were flattered that the best in breed technology company was taking a similar approach to sports watches. Nobody realized that these were the first concrete steps towards the gestation of what…

california net neutrality bill goes to gov. jerry brown

Gov. Jerry Brown will decide whether California should have the nation’s strongest protections for net neutrality rules intended to ensure a level playing field on the internet after the measure cleared the final legislative hurdle last Friday. The state Senate approved the bill over stiff opposition from internet service providers, opening another front in the war between California and President Donald Trump. The milestone was celebrated by net neutrality advocates who hope it will help drive a national policy prohibiting internet companies from favoring certain websites over others. “The premise fundamentally of net neutrality is that we as individuals get to decide where we go on the internet as opposed to be told by internet service providers,”said Sen. Scott Wiener, a San Francisco Democrat who wrote the bill. The Federal Communications Commission has repealed…

utah police use new technology to trace ballistic evidence

A recently solved drive-by shooting case in South Salt Lake highlights the effectiveness of a newly formed center that provides investigators with improved ballistics testing, according to Utah authorities. Investigators using the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network traced a stolen Glock 26 9-mm handgun to Rory Curtis Cordova, who authorities said is a 50-year-old Ogden Trece gang member, the Deseret News reported. Cordova now faces federal firearms charges that could result in 10 years behind bars. Federal, state and local law enforcement leaders said the arrest is a good example of the role the ballistics network and the Crime Gun Intelligence Center play in piecing together violent crimes. Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber said police wouldn’t have solved the South Salt Lake case and two others in Herriman and Ogden without the ballistic information…

amazon is 2nd us company to reach $1 trillion market value

Amazon on Tuesday became the second publicly traded company to reach $1 trillion in market value, hot on the heels of iPhone maker Apple. The milestone is another sign of Amazon’s swift rise from an online bookseller to a behemoth that sells toilet paper, TVs and just about anything. In its two decades, Amazon has expanded far beyond online shopping and into health care, advertising and cloud computing. Its growth has boosted the fortunes of its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. His 16 percent stake in Amazon is now worth more than $160 billion. Forbes magazine placed him at the top of its list of billionaires for the first time this year, surpassing Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and investor Warren Buffett. Amazon’s stock has increased almost 600 percent in the last five years,…

humans still heft groceries on-demand, for now

A self-driving car that delivers your groceries seems like a great idea: a robot vehicle that uses artificial intelligence to replicate the service of yesteryear’s milkman and grocery store delivery kid. There are companies now working on the technology to make it a reality. But they still haven’t managed to get the robots to do all the work. There’s a human schlepping your food every step of the way. There’s even one behind the wheel. Tests of the technology in places like Scottsdale, Arizona, and San Jose, California, still feature human safety drivers who have to take over if the robotic one gets confused. So from picking and packing the groceries, to loading them in the car, to having the shopper come to the curb to unload them, people are still involved at…

one more thing...

THE NEXT SPECIAL EVENT IS COMING For software developers, technology critics and Apple fans, September is considered a second Christmas. Apple has made it tradition to lift the lid on its latest hardware at the same time every year, hosting a Special Event to show off products and give developers a first-hand look before anyone else. Today, we take a look back at some of the most exciting Special Events of the past ten years and share the latest rumors on Apple’s upcoming Gather Round event, where the iPhone XS and the Apple Watch 4 are expected to be unveiled, alongside other innovative new technology. 2010: STEVE JOBS INTRODUCES THE iPAD The first major Special Event held by Apple was back in 2010 when the late Steve Jobs took to the Yerba Buena Center…