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space station gets 2 cargo deliveries in record 15 hours

The International Space Station has received two cargo deliveries in a record 15 hours. A U.S. commercial shipment arrived Monday, two days after blasting off from Virginia. NASA Astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor used the space station’s robot arm to grab Northrop Grumman’s capsule. It’s named after Apollo 16 moonwalker and the first space shuttle commander John Young, who died in January. The station’s German commander, Alexander Gerst, tweeted, “Welcome aboard, S.S. John Young!” Ice cream and other fresh food are the first things coming out. On Sunday, a Russian supply ship brought a full load. NASA says it is the quickest back-to-back shipments for the space station, which marks its 20th anniversary Tuesday. The supply ships will remain there for a few months, before being filled with trash and cut loose.…

former georgia grocery store transformed into air force lab

A former grocery store in Middle Georgia is now serving high-tech aircraft manufacturing for the military. The inside of the brick building — a former Publix store in Warner Robins — is full of gleaming new futuristic machinery. The Air Force Advanced Technology and Training Center is reminiscent of the lab James Bond walks through to pick up his latest spy gadgets. The facility is a satellite operation of Robins Air Force Base. It officially opened Oct. 24, the Macon newspaper reported. The center now employs about 30 people and may eventually employ about 100. The lab is the second like it in the Air Force. The first is connected with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The Georgia facility involves 3-D printing, also called additive manufacturing, as a key to keeping the aging…

game not over in ‘ralph breaks the internet’

In a battle between the internet and John C. Reilly, who among us wouldn’t root for the latter? Leave us and a few podcasts, John, but by all means, go smashy-smashy with the rest. Having liberated arcade game characters from their rigidly ordained roles in 2012’s “Wreck-it Ralph,” its sequel, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” sends our charmingly lopsided duo — the hulking, big-fisted Ralph (Reilly) and the glitchy pipsqueak candy-colored racer Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) — into that expansive netherworld where clickbait lurks and pop-ups proliferate. For a pair of pixelated beings whose existence has heretofore been limited to a handful of video games, they’re decidedly not in Kansas anymore. The web of “Ralph Breaks the Internet” is a strictly PG-rated, sanitized version; there are no dark turns down 4chan alleys…

experimental plane flies silently, may lead to quiet drones

A nearly silent, drone-sized aircraft has shown it can fly, thanks to a scientist who was inspired by watching “Star Trek” as a child. With neither propellers nor jets, the airplane gets its thrust by applying a strong electric field to the air. That general idea has been demonstrated at science fairs, but the new work shows it can power a free-flying airplane. So can people look forward to traveling in planes that are almost silent and emit no air pollution? “Not anytime soon,” says Steven Barrett of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who reported the results in a study released Wednesday by the journal Nature. It’s not clear whether the technology could work at such a large scale, he said in a telephone interview. And even if it can, it would take a…

utilities encourage energy savings with smart thermostats

As temperatures drop and winter looms, homeowners and property managers are sweeping chimneys, insulating pipes and swapping screens for storm windows. They’re also going beyond traditional winterizing by installing smart thermostats and home energy monitors aiming to lower utility bills. Smart thermostats — which let consumers adjust their home temperatures remotely using any internet-connected device — are among the most popular smart home technologies, generating $1.3 billion in sales globally in 2017, according to Navigant Research. Some models use geofencing technology and multiple sensors placed throughout the house to adjust temperatures in individual rooms when a resident walks in, maximizing comfort and efficiency. Just how much consumers can save by installing smart thermostats — which generally range in price from $150 to $250 — depends on a variety of factors, but Nest, one…

tales of reinvention abound in oscars race

F. Scott Fitzgerald, who said there are no second acts in American lives, might have felt differently had he seen this year’s Oscar race. In mid-November, there is much solidifying, scrapping and self-promotion to come (not to mention a few potential awards heavyweights). But most of the expected contenders have by now been seen and there’s a definite theme: Reinvention is the season’s most sought-after attribute. One after another, potential contenders have trotted out new iterations of themselves: Lady Gaga, the actor; Alfonso Cuaron, the re-made filmmaker; Melissa McCarthy, dramatic actress; Peter Farrelly, a million miles from “Dumb and Dumber.” From Lady Gaga to Peter Farrelly, reinvention is this season’s most sought-after attribute in the competition for an Oscar. Metamorphoses, like that of Rami Malek’s prosthetic-toothed, full-bodied performance as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody”…