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tv app an “entire pop cultural experience” is in the works

APPLE-MADE TV SHOWS AND FILMS MAY ON THE WAY Apple has often declared the fourth-generation Apple TV set-top box “the future of television”, but there have been recent flickers of evidence that Apple’s ambitions in television could extend far beyond this little home hub. These ambitions could encompass the production of original TV shows for the promotion of a video streaming service and indeed, Apple hardware. Could TV, rather than smartwatches or augmented reality, be the place for Apple’s next big revolution? AN “ENTIRE POP CULTURAL EXPERIENCE” IS IN THE WORKS The current version of Apple TV was released in October 2015 and has since received software updates enhancing its onboard operating system tvOS. In December, Apple released a new app, simply called ‘TV’, allowing users to browse content from various providers through…

wwdc 2017: the biggest announcements

Apple holds its Worldwide Developer’s Conference every year, giving thousands of developers from around the world a chance to meet with Apple engineers and attend workshops and software sessions. Between Monday 5 June and Friday 9 June this year, the WWDC takes place at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. In keeping with tradition, Apple began the conference on Monday with a keynote, detailing several big announcements that would set the stage for the remainder of the week. As press invitations were sent out, many were already deliberating about what would be unveiled, with expectations rising high for the latest versions of software macOS and iOS and potentially new hardware products including a Siri smart speaker and a new iPad Pro. These rumors came flooding in, right up until…

iphone 8: a new era of personal security

THE iPHONE 8 RUMOR MILL The rumor mill continues to churn in regards to what we might see with the next iPhone release. The most recent hints suggest that a facial recognition feature that will propel Apple forward toward more advanced biometrics. After all, it has been widely speculated for some time now that Apple is ditching the home button in an attempt at a bezel-free design, and this would fit in well with the idea of a fully integrated facial recognition system. It makes sense that the Cupertino firm heads in this direction. Even if it doesn’t yet reach the dizzying heights of Jonathan Ive’s single sheet of glass design, we can still see a clear progression from the very first iPhone and its functionality. Reports now claim that Apple has…

iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus: a powerful upgrade for a proper price

Another year means another iPhone (or in this year’s case three) and the reviews have started to roll in for two of Apple’s latest offerings – the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Those thinking about upgrading may feel that their decision is overshadowed by the looming release of the iPhone X but trust us when we say that the iPhone 8 (or Plus) is a powerful upgrade for less of the price. So, exactly how does this generation compare to those that came before it? In general, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both provide us with a good dose of change from the likes of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, particularly when it comes to things like enhanced performance and a glimpse at the augmented reality features…

2017 in review: another ground-breaking year for apple

APPLE CONTINUES TO DOMINATE THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY Yet again, Apple continued to push the boundaries of technology throughout 2017 and dominate the market. We saw the introduction of the iPhone X, the most anticipated iPhone since 2007, the Apple Watch series 3, AirPods, Apple Pay Cash and more. To celebrate this ground-breaking year for the tech giant, we are taking a look back on all their biggest achievements this year, before looking ahead to the tech possibilities for Apple in 2018. iPHONE X: THE MOST IMPORTANT iPHONE TO DATE The iPhone X was long rumored before it was officially released, with many speculating it would mark the 10-year anniversary of the first ever iPhone. Apple took a big risk with the latest phone, and it marks the biggest ever jump between models. It…

master your iphone: 25 ios 10 tips and tricks

MAKE MORE OF YOUR iPHONE Nearly six months has passed since the release of iOS 10, and the mobile operating system is still the world’s most advanced. Apple is expected to unveil the next iteration of iOS at the WWDC 2017 Keynote on June 5 in San Jose, with rumors suggesting features such as a Dark Mode and a Snapchat-style video sharing app will be added. Until then, here are 25 fantastic tips for helping you make the most out of your iPhone and iPad. 1. UNLOCK PHONE WITHOUT PRESSING THE HOME BUTTON It was one of the most annoying parts of iOS 10 – the removal of the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature that many iPhone users had become accustomed to. It’s possible to unlock the screen without pressing down on the Home…