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battle to expand in china

After Apple issued profit guidance and cited slowing Chinese demand as the reason for slower-than-expected growth, all eyes are on Tim Cook to drive sales in the country and fight regional competitors Huawei and ZTE. This week, read all about Apple’s ongoing battle in China, its price-slashing techniques, and the increasing threat of the Chinese government. AN iPHONE FOR CHINA Alongside the unveiling of the iPhone XS and XS Max back in 2018, Apple introduced the ability to add a second SIM - a virtual SIM card - to the iPhone for the first time. The news was met with praise from technology critics and business professionals, but for the Average Joe, the feature would no doubt never be used. Unless you live in China, that is. In China and Hong Kong, Apple…

movies & tv shows

First Man This biopic of Neil Armstrong follows his journey through the 1960s from test pilot to becoming the first man to set foot on the Moon. Damien Chazelle’s movie explores the personal sacrifice of Armstrong, played by Ryan Gosling, and the financial cost to his country during the Space Race with Russia – culminating in one of the most dangerous and momentous missions ever undertaken by mankind. “One small step for man…” FIVE FACTS: 1. Many original recordings of communications between NASA and Apollo 11 can be heard in the movie. 2. Gosling suffered a head injury while filming one of the Space Shuttle scenes, and was later treated for concussion when his speech became erratic. 3. The electronic musical instrument, the theremin, features in the musical score. Gosling himself discovered Neil Armstrong’s love…

michigan awards $4.8m in ‘mobility’ grants to help disabled

The state of Michigan announced the final round of “mobility” grants it gives out to encourage pilot projects to help transport seniors, the disabled and veterans with autonomous vehicles and other technology. The nearly $4.8 million will provide short-term funding for an autonomous electric shuttle at the Battle Creek VA Medical Center and an online booking and trip management platform for people with disabilities who use special transportation services in the Detroit area. Other funds will support a ride-sharing app for paratransit users in Grand Rapids and a ride-sharing platform in the central Upper Peninsula. “Too often when we talk about mobility, we have a tendency to go straight to self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. But what we really should be talking about is how this technology and innovation that is happening…

huawei fires sales manager who poland charged with spying

The Chinese tech company Huawei announced it has fired a sales director who was arrested in Poland and charged with spying for China, saying he has brought the firm’s reputation “into disrepute.” The company said it has “decided to terminate the employment of Mr. Wang Weijing, who was arrested on suspicion of breaking Polish law.” Polish authorities said last week they have arrested Wang, a Chinese citizen and former diplomat, along with a Polish cybersecurity expert who had held several top government cybersecurity jobs and also worked at the telecom company Orange. Huawei said Wang’s actions “have no relation to the company” and that he was fired because “the incident in question has brought Huawei into disrepute.” The arrest rekindled tensions between China and the West over cybersecurity concerns surrounding Huawei. It’s the world’s…

facebook to invest $300 million in news, focusing on local

Facebook says it is investing $300 million over the next three years in news initiatives, with a focus on local news partnerships and other programs. The money will go toward reporting grants for local newsrooms, expanding Facebook’s program to help local newsrooms with subscription business models and investing in nonprofits aimed at supporting local news. It will also be used for Facebook’s other, broad news initiatives such as news literacy programs and third-party fact-checking. The move comes at a difficult time for the news industry, which is facing falling profits and print readership. Facebook, like Google, has also been partly blamed for the ongoing decline in newspapers’ share of advertising dollars as people and advertisers have moved online. Campbell Brown, Facebook’s head of global news partnerships, acknowledges the company “can’t uninvent the internet,”…

grocery robots detect spills - with some far-off human help

A wheeled robot named Marty is rolling into nearly 500 grocery stores to alert employees if it encounters spilled granola, squashed tomatoes or a broken jar of mayonnaise. But there could be a human watching from behind its cartoonish googly eyes. Badger Technologies CEO Tim Rowland says its camera-equipped robots stop after detecting a potential spill. But to make sure, humans working in a control center in the Philippines review the imagery before triggering a cleanup message over the loudspeaker. Rowland says 25 of the robots are now operating at certain Giant, Martin’s and Stop & Shop stores, with 30 more arriving each week. Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based Giant says it has two robots now working at stores in the state, and plans to expand to all 172 Giant stores by the middle of this…