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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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foldable: the new generation of smartphones

SAMSUNG, HUAWEI AND OTHER MAJOR NAMES SHOW THEIR HANDS Let’s take a guess at the above question – it sounds cool, but you probably can’t see the benefit yet, right? The fact that this was the general public perception before many of humankind’s most influential technological innovations gives you an idea of just how big foldable smartphones could be. From the idea of early mobile phones themselves to the concept of the World Wide Web, the “cool, but…” mindset has predated countless technological revolutions. However, the same could be said for the famously ill-fated Sega Dreamcast, 3D TV, and Airbus A380 too, so it’s not an exact scientific formula for predicting success. So, great numbers of us – especially those with $1,980 to spare – will be wondering which way foldable smartphones…


Harverd Dropout Lil Pump This typo-intentional title is the first of many precisely placed messages in the Miami MC’s second studio album. The self-titled “most lyrical rapper of all time” is back, flaunting the success he’s achieved in the last three years with this catchy collection of pop-driven hip-hop. FIVE FACTS: 1. Lil Pump was born to Colombian parents. His real name is Gazzy Garcia. 2. He rose to fame by releasing his early tracks online, and is one of the most prominent artists to come from the ‘SoundCloud rap’ scene. 3. His early tracks on SoundCloud included “Lil Pump”, “Elementary”, “Ignorant”, “Gang Shit” and “Drum$tick”. 4. He was arrested by Danish police after a performance at Vega, Copenhagen, and subsequently banned from entering the country for two years. 5. Lil Pump did not actually drop out of…

google seeks tax breaks for $600m data center in minnesota

Google’s plan to build a $600 million wind-powered data center in central Minnesota could hinge on the tech giant’s request for officials to waive 20 years’ worth of future taxes. Google has asked Sherburne County and the city of Becker for property tax breaks that would save the company up to $15 million, Minnesota Public Radio News reported. The tax abatement request is part of the tech company’s proposal to build a 375,000-square-foot (35,000-square-meter) data center in Becker on about 300 acres (120 hectares) owned by Xcel Energy, which would dedicate two new wind farms to power the facility. The land is located next to the Sherburne County Generating Station, a large, coal-fired plant where the Minneapolis-based utility plans to retire most of its generators. The project would bring an estimated 50 full-time…

robotics program introduces girls to tech

For as long as Epiephanie LaBoy can remember, she’s wanted to know what makes things work. When she was younger, the eighth-grader at the all-girls Grace Academy in Hartford would methodically disassemble her older sister’s cellphones whenever she replaced them and marvel at the complex circuitry within. “She would give them to me, and I’d break them apart to see what was inside,” LaBoy, 13, said. “I’d look at the motherboard and all the pieces and say, ‘This is mine now.’” Those early experiments fueled a curiosity that led LaBoy to specialize her studies in technology and science, and to join the recently formed robotics team at Grace, which she now heads as captain. But LaBoy also recognizes that she’s something of an exception in a field largely dominated by men, a fact…

new cinema: from box office to your iphone

With movie admissions in the US at a ten-year low, we take a closer look at how technology is transforming the way we consume Box Office content, from the Big Screen to the Small Screen in our pockets, explore how Netflix is changing the game with multi-million dollar film productions, and consider the impact of Apple’s upcoming streaming service on the sector… THE BOX OFFICE Whilst, on the surface, it may appear as though consumers are spending less time and money at their local movie theatres, the American film industry generated $32 billion in revenue last year, increasing around 2 percent year on year. According to research firm IBISWorld, the industry has “grown sluggishly in recent years and movie theater growth has increasingly come from ancillary concessions,” although demand is expected to…

discount movies: which theater subscription is best?

A movie a day in theaters for $10 a month seemed too good to be true. And it was. MoviePass, which tried to bring Netflix-like subscriptions to the movie theater, pulled back on its deal last summer. MoviePass was a consumer success, but a financial disaster. MoviePass had to pay theaters the full price of most tickets, which quickly exceeded $10 each month. This week, MoviePass chugs along with an offer for three movies a month starting at the same $10 fee. But it faces competition from theater chains and a Turkish startup that brought back a movie a day, at least temporarily — this time for $20 a month. Here’s a look at the major subscription offerings for theaters in the US: MOVIEPASS You get a debit card that MoviePass loads with money when…