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Ivan Castilho de Almeida
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in fight to survive, us dairy farmers look for any tech edge

At Rosendale Dairy, each of the 9,000 cows has a microchip implanted in an ear that workers can scan with smartphones for up-to-the-minute information on how the animal is doing — everything from their nutrition to their health history to their productivity. Feed is calibrated to deliver a precise diet and machines handle the milking. In the fields, drones gather data that helps bump up yields for the row crops grown to feed the animals. Technology has played an important role in agriculture for years but it’s become a life and death matter at dairy farms these days, as low milk prices have ratcheted up pressure on farmers to seek every possible efficiency to avoid joining the thousands of operations that have failed. “If I use 100 bags of seed on…

twitter to label altered media, remove if it may cause harm

Twitter will begin to label and in some cases remove doctored or manipulated photos, audio and videos that are designed to mislead people. The company said this week that the new rules prohibit sharing synthetic or manipulated material that’s likely to cause harm. Material that is manipulated but isn’t necessarily harmful may get a warning label. Under the new guidelines, the slowed-down video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which she appeared to slur her words could get the label if someone tweets it out after the rules go into effect March 5. If it was proven that it also causes harm, Twitter could also remove it. But deciding what might cause harm could be difficult to define, and some material will likely fall into a gray area. “This will be a challenge and…

cybersecurity bill would set defense plan for local agencies

A new Maryland bill would ask the state’s Department of Information Technology to develop a baseline plan for localities within the state to help battle cyber attacks. Senate bill 120, introduced by Sen. Susan Lee, D-Montgomery, would give the Maryland Department of Information Technology the expanded responsibility of developing a cybersecurity strategy and helping agencies within the state implement it at their discretion. Under current law, the Department of Information Technology oversees the defense of state systems, but not that of counties, school districts and other similar entities. Having a sample plan in place could be beneficial in preventing future attacks that disrupted the likes of the city of Baltimore and Salisbury Police Department recently and cost millions in reparations. The legislation does not mandate significant increases in expenditures by the state or…

online conspiracy theories flourish after iowa caucus fiasco

Monday night could not have gone better for online troublemakers who have spent years propagating false or misleading conspiracy theories on the internet that the U.S. election is rigged or vulnerable to tampering. The delayed election results from the Iowa caucuses revealed some Democratic candidates’ supporters are so distrustful of the outcome that they peppered the internet with unproven claims that accused the Democratic Party of corruption by attempting to tilt the election in favor of a single candidate. President Donald Trump and his supporters seized on that distrust by sending tweets Monday night with #RiggedElection. Trump’s own sons shouted “Rigged!” at an Iowa campaign event. And Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested in a tweet that the caucus issues were the result of a “Bernie blowout.” It’s the type of conspiracy theory…

evolution: major apple product launches on the way

2019 was one of Apple’s most successful years to date, but the company is showing no signs of slowing down. As well as five new iPhones launching in 2020, Apple is expanding its universe, introducing innovative products and services to keep the tech giant at the top. SPRING LAUNCHES Though Apple traditionally saves big launches for September, where iPhones and Apple Watches are given their annual upgrade, this year the company looks set to rinse and repeat its 2019 release schedule, hosting a Special Event in March to show off the new products it’s been working on, giving Apple fanatics another excuse to head into their local Apple Store. Word on the grapevine suggests Apple will kick off 2020 with an affordable smartphone, the spiritual successor to the iPhone SE. Expected to be…

youtube: no ‘deepfakes’ or ‘birther’ videos in 2020 election

Better late than never, YouTube is making clear there will be no “birtherism” on its platform during this year’s U.S. presidential election. Nevermind that the conspiracy theory around former President Barack Obama’s citizenship emerged in 2008 and has not been a widespread issue since he last ran for president in 2012. The Google-owned video service is also reiterating that it won’t allow election-related “deepfake” videos and anything that aims to mislead viewers about voting procedures and how to participate in the 2020 census. Neither of these policies is new either, but YouTube clarified its rules ahead of the Iowa caucuses Monday in an apparent attempt to ensure that it is working to prevent the spread of election-related misinformation on its service. Google, Facebook, Twitter and other technology platforms are under intense pressure…