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judge oks $60m settlement over tesla buyout of solarcity

A Delaware judge has approved a $60 million settlement in a shareholder lawsuit challenging electric car maker Tesla Inc.’s $2 billion acquisition of solar-panel installer SolarCity in 2016. The judge approved the settlement in a brief telephone hearing this week. He also approved $16.8 million in legal fees and expenses requested by the plaintiffs’ attorneys. That amounts to roughly 28% of the “derivative settlement,” which was made on behalf of the company and will be funded by insurers. The settlement resolves claims against directors who were on Tesla’s board in 2016 but does not include CEO and co-founder Elon Musk. A trial with Musk as the lone defendant is set for March 2021, having been postponed from this March because of the coronavirus outbreak. The lawsuit alleges that Tesla directors breached their fiduciary…

many steps needed for accurate covid-19 test results

A widely used coronavirus test is under scrutiny this week after federal health officials warned that it could deliver inaccurate results if laboratory technicians don’t follow the the latest updates from the manufacturer. The Food and Drug Administration’s warning over Thermo Fisher’s TaqPath test underscores the complexity of COVID-19 tests and how easily they can be skewed by faulty processing and equipment. The FDA action follows a report last month by Connecticut public health officials that the test resulted in at least 90 people receiving false positive results for the coronavirus. WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE TEST? Thermo Fisher’s test is one of the standard tools used to screen for COVID-19, run on large, automated machines found in many U.S. hospitals and laboratories. The FDA flagged two separate issues that could potentially result in false…

walmart’s online sales soar as shoppers stock up on supplies

Americans turned to Walmart’s online business as well as its stores for supplies and home goods as the virus surged in new regions, resulting in soaring sales for the fiscal second quarter. Walmart’s online sales nearly doubled in the fiscal second quarter, helped by an expansion of its online delivery services. Sales at U.S. locations opened at least a year jumped 9.3%, the company reported this week. The nation’s largest retailer topped almost all expectations by wide margins and company shares, which hit an all-time high, jumped another 6% before the opening bell only to retreat into negative territory. Consumers had already begun to rely on Walmart and other essential retailers like Target and Amazon as lifelines for necessities during the start of the pandemic, sending Walmart’s online sales up 74% for the…

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with travel limited, hollywood looks to ‘game changer’ tech

New LED video wall technology used in making last year’s “The Lion King” and “The Mandalorian” series could become more widespread as Hollywood production ramps back up during the pandemic. Instead of shooting on location with a full cast and crew and navigating stringent social distancing requirements, it allows filmmakers on a studio lot to spread out individual scenes captured virtually using a variety of techniques. Unlike a traditional “green screen,” the actor can see the background and cinematographers can match perspectives and camera parallax to look like a location shoot. “The Lion King” visual effects supervisor Robert Legato calls the video wall and move toward virtual production a “game changer” that’s being embraced by necessity during the pandemic. “It is something that was going to happen anyway. It just would have taken…

states wrestle with playing high school football amid covid

As heat waves rose from the crackling grass next to a cotton field that stretched far into the distance, Rick Porter watched his young football players struggle through a preseason practice. Under every helmet was a masked player, breathing deep amid the dust and stifling heat topping 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 degrees celsius). August in Texas can be cruel and the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a new set of obstacles in the way. “Social distancing!” Porter yelled as the players headed for a water break. Nearby were hand-washing stations the coach built himself by drilling holes in long pieces of PVC pipe bought at a local hardware store. Still, Porter wonders if it will be enough to stave off an outbreak and whether his farming community 40 miles outside Austin will see football…