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military’s top cyber official defends more aggressive stance

The U.S. military’s top cyber official is defending the government’s shift toward a more aggressive strategy in cyberspace, saying the mission has evolved over the last decade to become more proactive and offensive in order to keep pace with sophisticated threats. Gen. Paul Nakasone, the commander of U.S. Cyber Command and the director of the National Security Agency, writes in a piece published in the magazine Foreign Affairs that the military’s cyber fighters have moved away from a “reactive, defensive posture” and are increasingly engaging in combat with foreign adversaries online. “We learned that we cannot afford to wait for cyber attacks to affect our military networks. We learned that defending our military networks requires executing operations outside our military networks. The threat evolved, and we evolved to meet it,” wrote Nakasone…

is it time for a plug-in hybrid vehicle?

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles — typically abbreviated as PHEVs — make up a very small percentage of vehicle sales, but they can be a smart pick for a certain kind of shopper. Consider this scenario: You want to buy a significantly more fuel-efficient vehicle than what you have now but can’t fully commit to a pure electric vehicle such as a Tesla. Perhaps you’re worried about long battery charging times or have range anxiety. What should you do? A PHEV could be the solution. A PHEV is essentially a hybrid vehicle — think a Toyota Prius — with two key modifications: a larger-capacity battery pack and a charge port that allows you to recharge the battery with a power cord. A PHEV still has a gasoline engine but is able to go…

tiktok sues trump over his pending order to ban its app

Video app TikTok is suing the Trump Administration over its efforts to ban the popular Chinese-owned service over national-security concerns. TikTok, which is owned by China’s ByteDance, insisted that it is not a national-security threat and that the government is acting to “further the president’s anti-China political campaign.”The company said the government is acting without evidence for its allegations or due process. It filed suit this week in federal court in California against the Commerce Department, President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, saying that it sought to prevent the government from “impermissibly banning” TikTok by overturning President Donald Trump’s executive order. Trump issued two orders in August. The first, on Aug. 6, imposed a sweeping but unspecified ban on any“transaction” with ByteDance, to take effect by Sept. 20. A week…

orders for big-ticket us manufactured goods jumped 11.2%

Orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods jumped 11.2% in July, the third consecutive monthly gain. And the jump last month was even larger than the 7.7% increase in June, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. The strong advance last month, however, was led by the volatile transportation sector, which spiked 35.6%. Excluding transportation, orders would have risen by a more modest 2.4%. A closely watched category that serves as a proxy for business investment plans rose a solid 1.9% in July after a 4.3% rebound in June. While the gains in orders for durable goods is welcome, economists caution that could falter if coronavirus infections surge in the fall, forcing more factory shutdowns and a return to the near economic stall the U.S. went through this past spring. “The details of the report indicate…

airbnb: revolutionizing travel through tech

After a turbulent year with the coronavirus pandemic putting a halt to the world’s travel plans, rental giant Airbnb is preparing to go public. Over the past decade, the Silicon Valley startup has transformed the way we sleep and explore, and its dominance will only continue to grow. CHANGING THE WAY WE TRAVEL When you need to get from A to B, you turn to Uber. Hungry? You open up UberEats or DoorDash and order from your favorite restaurant. The App Store has revolutionized the way we live, no more so than in the world of travel. And as iOS 14 has proven, Apple can still innovate, as it demonstrated with its new Translate app coming in October, making it easier than ever to have real-time conversations with locals and speak to…

face masks amid the art: new york city’s museums to reopen

When the iconic T. Rex at the American Museum of Natural History again welcomes visitors, it will gaze down at humans acting a bit differently. They will still gape up at its massive skeleton, but there will be fewer of them. They’ll stand farther apart and wear masks. Other pandemic precautions will include hand sanitizer stations and one-way signs guiding guests through exhibits. The museum is like many cultural institutions in the city gingerly reopening their doors, weighing the safety of visitors and staff with the need to educate, inspire and support New York’s recovery. “We have to re-imagine and re-engineer the museum visit,” says museum President Ellen Futter. “We want to fulfill our civic mission. And we think that our mission has never been more important.” New York City was by far the…