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ipad: refining the world's most popular tablet

iPad has long been one of Apple’s most successful product categories, and following upgrades to the iPad Pro and iPad mini earlier in the year, Apple used its September Event to unveil the next-generation iPad and iPad Air, taking its tablet portfolio to even greater heights. THE MOST POWERFUL iPAD AIR The star of the show at this year’s Time Flies event was undoubtedly the all-new iPad Air, reimagined from the ground up to offer a stunning user experience on a larger 10.9-inch display, ideal for multitasking. Apple calls the new iPad its most “powerful, versatile, and colorful” yet, with Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, praising the device’s “gorgeous new all-screen design, Liquid Retina display, Touch ID, and a massive boost in performance with A14 Bionic. “The new…

control: why iso should be kept locked down

Developers are quietly working on iOS 14 and its Mac and Watch counterparts, and many are wondering what the next-generation operating system will look like. A Bloomberg report has shed some light, and Apple looks set to loosen its grip on its privacy-focused ecosystem. APPLE MEANS PRIVACY Ever since the introduction of iOS back in 2007 (formally iPhoneOS with the launch of the original iPhone), Apple’s stance on privacy has been clear. Though third parties are actively encouraged to build apps and experiences for Apple’s ecosystems, they must play carefully by the Cupertino company’s rules or be kicked out . Each piece of software designed for macOS, iOS, and watchOS is compartmentalized, existing in a bubble to ensure data isn’t transferred between apps to resell to advertising and e-commerce giants, something that…

remote working: virus encourages business to think differently

With the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak forcing governments to close schools, sporting events, communal spaces and more, businesses are taking the situation into their own hands, encouraging their staff to work from home. With the virus continuing on its path of destruction and no clear end in sight, the pandemic could change the way we work forever. BIG COMPANIES CHANGING POLICIES We’re living in truly unprecedented times. Not only has the World Health Organization called COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic, but stock markets are hemorrhaging billions, countries are closing their borders, and businesses are beginning to feel the pitch. With a vaccine at least six months away and governments imposing new social distancing measures, we knew it wouldn’t take long for businesses to introduce their own coronavirus policies to protect their staff, customers, and…

2021: pushing the boundaries

With the introduction of a 5G iPhone, a superfast M1 chip for the Mac, a bunch of hardware like AirPods Max, Apple Watch SE, and HomePod mini, and significant investments in its services division, Apple had a stellar year in 2020. But the future is just around the corner, and even greater innovations await. Let’s take a look at what the company has up its sleeve. BUILDING ON THE SUCCESS OF THE M1 CHIP Perhaps one of Apple’s biggest “wins” in 2020 was the transition from Intel processors to new custom silicon alternatives, developed in-house and designed exclusively for macOS devices. Although the two Californian companies have enjoyed a long, fruitful relationship, dating back to 2006 when Apple released a new MacBook Pro and iMac, Intel has failed to innovate in recent…

arcade: the best 10 games that you need to play

It’s been eight months since the launch of Apple Arcade, the company’s gaming subscription service, and though its initial reception was mixed, there’s no denying that the Cupertino firm has reinvented the way we play games on our iPhones, Macs, and Apple TVs. But now with more than 100 premium gaming titles to choose from, deciding what to play can be tough. CHANGING THE WAY WE PLAY Last year, Apple went all-in on subscriptions. As well as announcing its revolutionary Apple Card and the long-awaited Apple TV+, Tim Cook and co also lifted the lid on Apple News+ - a new way to access content from your favorite publishers - and a wildcard: Apple Arcade. There’s no denying that Apple has revolutionized the gaming industry, contributing towards the mobile gaming market $137.9…

macbook: m1 processor takes mac family into a new era

This year, our computers have been more important than ever before. Whether we’re working from home or catching up with friends over FaceTime, our Macs have become a part of who we are. This year, Apple is taking the Mac to new heights with the introduction of the industry-leading M1 chip, ushering in a new era for macOS and the future of computing. POWERED BY THE M1 CHIP At Apple’s virtual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, the company confirmed that it was to transition away from Intel processors to its own custom chips, known as Apple Silicon. At the time, the organization said that the move towards its own chips would take around two years and that new Macs would be rolled out through to 2022 to complete the move. During the…