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microsoft keeps chugging as pandemic continues

As the pandemic raged through the U.S., Microsoft’s business continued chugging ahead and beat Wall Street expectations for the last three months of 2020, powered by ongoing demand for its workplace software and cloud computing services as people worked from home. The company reported fiscal second-quarter profit of $15.5 billion, up 33% from the same period last year. In a statement, CEO Satya Nadella called it “the dawn of a second wave of digital transformation sweeping every company and every industry.” Net income of $2.03 per share beat Wall Street expectations. The software maker posted revenue of $43.1 billion in the October-December period, up 17% from last year and also beating forecasts. Analysts surveyed by FactSet were expecting Microsoft to earn $1.64 per share on revenue of $40.2 billion for the fiscal quarter. The coronavirus pandemic…

google’s parent deflates internet-beaming balloon company

Google’s parent company is letting the air out of an internet-beaming balloon company that was providing online access from the stratosphere. The plan to shut down Loon was announced last weekend, ending what started out nine years ago as one of Google’s secret projects in its so-called “moonshot factory,” a division now called X. Google, Loon and X all are owned by Alphabet Inc., which draws upon Google’s digital advertising empire finance risky ideas like internet-beaming balloons and another high-profile flop, internet-connected glasses. As reflected by its name, Loon was viewed as a crazy idea from the start. Yet Google’s hopes for the project were a lofty as the high-flying balloons themselves when the company finally took the wraps off the project in New Zealand in June 2013. The ambitious goal at that…

google says chrome cookie replacement plan making progress

Google says it’s making progress on plans to revamp Chrome user tracking technology aimed at improving privacy even as it faces challenges from regulators and officials. The company gave an update on its work to remove from its Chrome browser so-called third-party cookies, which are used by a website’s advertisers or partners and can be used to track a user’s internet browsing habits. Third-party cookies been a longtime source of privacy concerns and Google said a year ago that it would do away with them, in an announcement that shook up the online advertising industry. The changes will affect Chrome, the world’s dominant web browser, as well as other browsers based on Google’s Chromium technology such as Microsoft’s Edge. Rival browsers Safari and Mozilla Firefox have already removed third-party cookies by default but…

2021 ford mustang mach-e vs 2020 tesla model y

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is an intriguing pick for an electric SUV. It has a relatively small footprint but provides cavernous passenger and cargo space. And with a current entry price of $43,190 including destination and handling fees, it’s also one the most affordable electric SUVs around. But there’s a new rival aimed at taking on the Model Y: the all-new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. The Mach-E is priced competitively. It starts at $43,995 and, unlike Tesla, still qualifies for federal tax credits. But which EV is better? Experts tested both to find out. DRIVING PERFORMANCE Teslas have earned a reputation for laughably quick, sports car-beating speed, and it holds true for the Model Y. Even when you aren’t trying to break the sound barrier, the Model Y provides an easy but…

pro photo: unleash the potential of the iphone 12 camera system

Apple made a serious leap forward with the iPhone in 2020 introducing a raft of new features like a stunning new design, 5G connectivity, MagSafe charging, and super-spec cameras. In bringing LiDAR and ProRAW to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has delivered the most impressive photography on a smartphone to date, so let’s look at how to use the tools to their maximum. NEXT-LEVEL CAMERAS It’d be highly unusual for Apple to release a new iPhone without at least tweaking the camera set-up, and 2020’s iPhone 12 range did not disappoint. The iPhone 12 Pro models, consisting of the standard Pro and Pro Max, feature LiDAR scanners on the back for the first time, following on from the success of the same mysterious dot that appeared on…

behind those dancing robots, scientists had to bust a move

The man who designed some of the world’s most advanced dynamic robots was on a daunting mission: programming his creations to dance to the beat with a mix of fluid, explosive and expressive motions that are almost human. The results? Almost a year and half of choreography, simulation, programming and upgrades that were capped by two days of filming to produce a video running at less than 3 minutes. The clip, showing robots dancing to the 1962 hit “Do You Love Me?” by The Contours, was an instant hit on social media, attracting more than 23 million views during the first week. It shows two of Boston Dynamics’ humanoid Atlas research robots doing the twist, the mashed potato and other classic moves, joined by Spot, a doglike robot, and Handle, a wheeled…